Remember mods? How about their shirts..?

If you are missing a slimfitting check shirt in your life, you will may be interested to see that the classic heritage brand Brutus has re-launched, and the trademark button down collar shirt is once again available to buy.

Founded in 1966, in the East end of London, the family company still remains true its roots, with Keith’s son Jonathan Freedman taking over the helm for the 21st century. Freedman aims to reproduce the groundbreaking aesthetic, using the same ‘trimfit’ cut and the original Hong Kong manufacturer

With no need to alter a classic design, these shirts are a complete replica of the original shirt, which was a 60s/70s staple for mods, skins and suedeheads, and are now available to inspire new cults of boys (and girls) who can rest assured they are buying a piece of history, and investing in a timeless classic.

Wearing with bovver boots optional.

Available from from £50.00