Question Time with the new CK One boy…

Aaron Frew is gaining an international reputation in the world of fashion, thanks to being the current face of CK One; As well as already achieving one of his life’s dreams of working with the worlds best photographers, stylists and designers, and he is still only twenty! Signed to D1, one of the busiest agencies in London, they always have a keen eye to spot new talent. If you think you could be the next Frew, or fancy yourself as a bit of a Moss, get in touch to show them your personality. In this agency, size doesn’t matter! They are currently seeking new faces, so what have you got to lose? Check them on twitter for contact details.


FAULT: How long have you been modelling?
Aaron: I’ve been modeling since I was 16, so it would be for four years but full time only a year.

FAULT: How did you get discovered or did you go to Agencies yourself?
Aaron:  I got spotted on myspace from a photographer when i was 16 but I approached agencies myself.

FAULT: What was your biggest campaign so far?
Aaron:  The biggest campaign I’ve done so far is for a CK ONE it was amazing being part of it and it was so much fun working with all the other models from around the world and being shot by Steven Meisel was so amazing!

FAULT: Does your job take you all round the world?
Aaron:  My job has taken me to a few places mostly New York – I went 5 time last year; Ive also got to go to Paris and Germany and traveled up and down the UK.

FAULT: What would you do if you weren’t a model? What were you doing before?
If I wasn’t a model today, I would probably still be living in the East Midlands with my mum and working a normal 9-5 job in a shop. Before I was model, I was a sales assistant back in my home town- it was very long and boring.

FAULT: Did you find ever think you wouldn’t make it, as you are shorter than the average male model? Do you have your own male model heros?
Aaron:  I’ve always been a very ambitions person and I never give up! So when I want something I go for it and I wont stop till I get it! So I always thought I would get somewhere in the fashion world! But I never thought I would be where I am today with an amazing agency D1 MODELS supporting me and being a short model! There are a few male models I look up to and who inspire me. They are: Ash Stymest. Luke Worral and the new face of fashion Issac Carew!

FAULT: Do you have much competition at castings? You have a very definite look.
Aaron:  Everyday I face competition at castings because clients always prefer the taller lad. Even if they like my look, a lad who maybe a tiny bit taller will get booked over me so I have to show them my energetic personality and hope it enough to back up my look and that it makes up for not being 6 ft!

FAULT: Whats the best thing about being 5’7?
Aaron:  The best thing about being 5 ft 7 is that straight away I’m different to all the other models and I always get the funny look from other models and clients which I kinda like! I would prefer to be different than be the same as everyone else! What you see is what you get!

FAULT: Clients obviously like your look, do you feel there’s a space for more ‘muses’ now in fashion – who don’t have to be stereotypical?
Aaron:  Totally! Fashion is changing in many ways especially with models, more unique quirky models are appearing in magazines and on the runway! Each model now has something different about them. e.g Lara stone my good friend-she’s known for her gap in her teeth; Kate Moss for her height, Alice Dellal for her shaved sided hair.

FAULT: Who do you look up to?
Aaron:  I look up to Kate Moss, she’s achieved so much for being short! She’s my muse! so strange that she shot ‘ck one back in 1994-1995 and I just shot ck one in 2011 and we were the short models in the campaign!

FAULT: Who would you love to shoot for?
Aaron:  I would love to shoot for JEREMY SCOTT, GIVENCHY, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, MUGLER ….. I could go on forever i wanna do it all and more!

FAULT: Have you got aspirations to get into presenting/acting like a lot of other successful models?
Aaron:  When my modelling career comes to end, I would love to go in presenting, either on telly or doing a radio something in which I can with interact with other people!

FAULT: What’s next for Aaron Frew?
Aaron: Whats next for me eh? You’ll be seeing my face alot more I’ll tell you that now. The world is my oyster and I’m guna work until I’ve achieved all my dreams and more!