Oh Johnny Boy

They say that fashionable inspiration can come from anywhere- the glamorous store windows that we pass each day as we go to and from work, the girl next door who braves the wildest palazzos with the tightest of blouses, even our granny’s vintage possessions hidden deep down below layers and layers of old inspirational outfits.


courtesy of 'raybanaviator.tk'

So it almost comes as no surprise that our stylish admirations go out to a man that left our world in the 80’s… old school music legend John Lennon.

Our current style crush is huge, particularly for those circular little lenses that covered up his eyes, a style of shades that have now gone on to rule our world. Small, beady and quite the rock accessory, these glasses are not just cool, they’re a real statement piece, loved for their totally retro vibe.

Text Freya Hill