Mercy Delta

 It’s got to that time of year now where accessorizing to keep warm is pretty much vital. If it’s not a pair of knee high socks you’re rocking, then you’re bound to have found a beanie/ pair of mittens / scarf to keep you warm. The problem is we’re not quite ready for the real thick scarves just yet, we need something a little lighter for the time being, but alas, help is at hand; welcome Mercy Delta.


Founded by designer Winnie Lee and agent Katie Lightfoot, Mercy Delta is the exclusive scarf company offering a range of scarves so brilliantly colourful that they are irresistible to the eye. Sure to lighten any wardrobe up whilst keeping us snug through that summer to winter transition, each and every scarf, wrap and stole is originally printed on the finest of fabrics. To see their full range of accessories, visit

Text Freya Hill