Maryanne Oliver

If you are in need of some desperate inspiration then look no further then Queensland Australia. Maryanne Oliver is the multi-talented artist with an eye for beauty and colour. Maryanne combines the two to create exquisite illustrations that come to life. Maryanne has collaborated with world leading fashion designers, contributed to magazines as well as have having countless numbers of exhibitions.  FAULT caught up with Maryanne down under to talk love, life and inspirations.

FAULT: Maryanne, can you talk us through the creative process of one your pieces?

Maryanne: The process usually begins with a character kicking away at my imagination until I release her free on to paper/canvas or even better a wall!

FAULT:  What made you take the Carreer path of an illustrator?

Maryanne:  I knew I was a crazy artist from a very early age, there was never any thought to it .. I was just always painting and have never stopped 

FAULT:  Could you sum up your style of illustrations in 3 words?

Maryanne: Beautiful, soft, free …. just like all the people and moments they are inspired by 

FAULT:  What is your signature style?

Maryanne: “mairzi” girls – my girls represent believing in yourself, loving the person you are – and the rest just falls in to place


FAULT:  Who’s work do you most admire?

Maryanne:  TOO MANY ARTISTS!!! .. I literally fall in love with a new artist every day 

FAULT:  What is your favourite medium ?

Maryanne:  depending on the many moods of Maryanne it could be anything, but… today it is watercolour paints (they have always been my faithfuls) 

FAULT:  You have collaborated with fashion designers, contributed to magazines and had your own exhibitons. What else is there for you to achieve?  

Maryanne:  I would not even know where to begin… right now I am just trying to keep up… but I do know I have a gazillion creations and missions still to eventuate… I am only getting warmed up! I will continue my own ventures and projects, but also continue to work with other artists.  As an artist collaborating or working with other artists is an amazing experience and gives you an even deeper appreciation not only for your own journey, but also a better understanding that we each run our own race and it’s better to work together. I wouldn’t be able to cope without the love of my artist family, and I am constantly in awe and total adoration of artists and people I meet every day living their dreams.

FAULT:  Do you have an all time favourite image?

Maryanne:  right now I am in love with a Norman Lindsay piece called “Our Earth” – this piece means so much to me and where I am at in my own life, I get very attached to art.

Candy Heart

FAULT:  What artist do you most admire.

Maryanne:  Australian artist Norman Lindsay is my ultimate … and graffiti artist Sofles is my modern day Norman Lindsay 

FAULT:  Is there anyone you would love to illustrate? If so, how would you capture them?

Maryanne:  No one person in particular, I like illustrating and painting girls who inspire me, that could be anyone. We really are lucky to live in such an amazing age with so many inspirational kick ass women making a huge difference to this world!

FAULT:  What does 2012 hold for you?

Maryanne:  A magical carpet ride of happiness and exhaustion chasing rainbows and dreams 

FAULT:  What is your FAULT?

Maryanne:  “making a beautiful mess”