Luke Treadaway

The first thing you should know about Luke Treadaway is that he is a twin. Luke was born exactly twenty minutes before his brother Harry. Luke and his brother grew up in Devon, where they were inspired by a drama instructor to pursue acting seriously. The brothers were both members of the National Youth Theatre. While still in drama school, Luke and Harry were cast as conjoined twins in the 2005 feature film Brothers of the Head. In Brothers of the Head, Luke played Barry Howe, one-half of a ’70s Siamese twin rock ‘n’ roll duo. In true rock fashion, the Treadaways played all the songs in the film, which means that it should come as no surprise that music is still a passion of Luke’s. In fact, he was recently asked to direct a music video for the all-girl band the Boxettes. Luke has no less than six projects set for release this year, including You Instead, Killing Block, Attack the Block, and Man in Fear. He recently finished work on the film Cheerful Weather for the Wedding, in which he plays Joseph Patten. Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block was well-received by both critics and fans. The film follows a teen gang in South London as they fight to defend their block from an alien invasion. “Attack the block was an incredible achievement for all involved.”

Portrait Jens Langkjaer

Text Caroline Lawless