Liz Besanson

Liz Besanson is a photographer that represents all things cool. Liz creates images that are dark yet beautiful and with a love for tattos her chosen subjects are unique, free spirited and uninhibited. Yes she captures body art, but her work truly is a work of art. Liz talks to FAULT about her love for emerging photographers and fashion designers from Louis Vuitton to Prada.
FAULT: What is your creative background?

Liz: I have to say that I was a makeup artist for 15 years before I became a photographer. I also went to beauty school and learned hair. I never went to photography school ironically enough…it started out as a hobby and turned into my career. I am able to provide hair and makeup as well as styling to any shoot in a pinch if I don’t have a team.

FAULT:  What made you take the Career path of a photographer?

Liz: For me it sort of fell into my lap. I was bored of doing makeup, I had done it for so long and needed another creative outlet. I picked up my camera and started shooting for fun. Things turned serious when people were wanting to pay me to photograph them. That’s when I decided to make the career choice and learn as much as I can about photography and stick with it. I can’t even tell you how happy and fulfilled I am that I did and I’ve been doing it now for 7 years and have not been bored one bit!

Liz Besanson

FAULT:  Who’s work do you most admire?

Liz: Funny enough the work that I am mostly drooling over are the works of new emerging photographers not those celebrity photographers we all know such as Steven Miesel, Annie Lebowitz, etc..sure these guys are incredible but I’m more into the artist who have the fresh eyes and a different take on things. I love the works of Lara Jade, Justin Hyte, Neil Snape to name a few. They all have great eyes and the ability to use light so magically, I am truly a fan of their work.

FAULT: What camera do you use?

Liz: I currently use a Canon 1 D with several L series lens

FAULT:  Do you have an all time favourite image?

Liz: I am my own worst critic, I find this question challenging. While trying to decide if I have a favorite, I would have to say no. I constantly see where I could have made a change or done something different, perhaps this outlook will change in time but for right now I am tough on myself. I love my work and stand behind it 100%. The funny thing is I always love it the day I send it out and then the next morning I look at it again and say “What was I thinking?!”.

FAULT: Editorials Vs Campaigns?

Liz: I’m a fan of editorials. I love story telling and feel that I enjoy shooting in that manner when given the opportunity. There is a lot of creative freedom shooting editorials. Campaigns to me can seem a bit restrictive, I guess it depends on the client but I would much rather have fun shooting an editorial over a campaign.

FAULT:  Who’s fashion campaigns do you most admire?

Liz: I’m a huge fan of all the Fall fashion magazines that are currently out right now and when I opened them my favorite ad campaigns this season are Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and Prada. There are so many others but I really love their ads for this season, simply amazing!

One to watch


FAULT: Any top tips?

Liz: If I can give a photography tip it would be to never set your camera down. There are many discouraging days, this industry is so competitive but you have to find what inspires you and keep shooting through it. Eventually you will find your way out of the funk and see something fresh emerging. I’m speaking from experience.

FAULT: You work with many tattooed models? How do you capture them so well?

Liz: I will forever be grateful to the alternative community. My first paid photoshoot was with a tattoo model and a good portion of my income comes from tattoo magazine submissions. The tattoo models I have worked with are free spirited people, they are also very creative and uninhibited. They come ready to pose and do whatever it takes to give me a great image. I think at times they may feel a slight disadvantage because of their tattoos so I think they always go the extra mile and pull something incredible out on set that not even a top industry model would have thought to do! I think thats why I can capture them so well. They are the ones pulling out all the stops and giving me the amazing images!

Liz Loves Tattoos
FAULT: Do you have any tattoos?

Liz: I do! My chest is done, 1/4 of my right arm, right wrist and my nape are tattooed. I’m enjoying them and plan on getting many more.

FAULT:  What is your FAULT?

Liz: Its never too late to pursue your dreams

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