FAULT Meets: John Boyega

John Boyega is making waves in his debut film role which sees him star in the lead role of ‘Moses’ in Joe Cornish’s feature ‘Attack the Block’ The film received its world premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival receiving great reviews across the board with John singled out in many for his ‘undeniable acting prowess’.  He has also completed the upcoming feature ‘Junkhearts’ along-side Eddie Marsan and Romala Garai due for release later this year. FAULT caught up with John on set to talk of his love of films from Lion King to Transformers.


Portraits by Jens Langkjaer


FAULT:What made you want to become an actor?

John: I was inspired by the films I grew up with. I remember being a kid and watching The Lion King, thinking “I want to do that.”It was an inspirational film and a big part of my childhood.

FAULT:  Are there any actors you are inspired by?

John: I am a big fan of Will Smith, Denzel Washington and I am a huge fan of Shia Le Boeuf, I love all his work.  There are also significant French actors that I admire. Actors that you watch and make you feel as if you really need to step up.

FAULT:  Now you’re making your way into movies, do you learn a lot from your co-stars?

John: Absolutely, as an actor I don’t think you ever stop learning, I don’t believe there is one actor who has knows the craft inside out and no longer learns new things. I still go to drama school once a week just to keep my acting fresh.

FAULT:  Where you a fan of Edgar Wright before Attack the Block?

John: To be honest I had no idea what Edgar looked like before I met him. I only new he was a director. I imagined to be very tall and would wear a cape. Edgar creates movies every boy wants to watch, he is a great guy an amazing director.

FAULT: Can you tell us about your character in Attack the Block?

John: I play Moses, the leader of a gang. He is also the main focus of the film.  He is the strong, wise, silent type. His actions often follow his thoughts. The story is based on how Moses redeems himself. That’s all I say, you have to watch the film.

FAULT: You also star in Junkhearts this year, how excited are you about that?

John: So excited, It’s about an ex-solider who is suffering from post-traumatic stress.  It is a very deep and dark story but times it is a very lovely story. It also stars actor Tom Sturridge, we watched it at the BAFTA’s last week and it looked fantastic.

Attack The Block's leading Man


FAULT: Do you like to research into you parts?

John: I do. With Attack the Block it was different because I have lived in South London most of my life, it’s what I have grown up with. My first audition was very cliché, very gritty. The director then sat me down and told me they were looking for a real person, a real character, he told me to go home and watch Season 4 of The Wire and ask lots of questions round my estate. My character doesn’t say a lot so a lot had to be said through the eyes. With Junkhearts again I had to research because I don’t know anything about selling guns.

FAULT: What has been the biggest compliment you have ever received?

John: Someone once said “That guy looks like Denzel Washington” I was so happy about that!

FAULT: Do you have any hidden talents?

John: I can dance. I can sing and really hold a note, I play the drums and I also sketch. I am a big comic book fan. I mostly draw cartoons. At the moment I am just building up my portfolio.

FAULT: What is your FAULT, John?

John: I’d have to say eating three Krispy Kremes in the gym. That’s my fault!

Attack The Block is Released on DVD 19 Sep 2011