Fetishism Fancies

You say fetishism, I think whips. You give me a Mugler corset, I tremble with fear. But despite it being one of those slightly more controversial topics of conversation, fetishism is a trend for this winter that we can’t run and hide from, we actually need to stand up and snarl our teeth back at it.

courtesy of style.com from the AW 2011 Giles show.

At the shows we saw S&M everywhere. Marc Jacobs wowed us with pencil skirts so tight it was hard not to stare at each model’s bottom as she swooned her way past us. Giles created the illusion of rips and tears across his women, with sections of body exposed through skin skimming chiffon. McQueen toughened their angelically pleated gowns with straps, collars and buckles. How anyone would get away with wearing such a harness in public, we are yet to see. But the fact of the matter is, if you’ve got the kind of ultimate killer confidence it requires to be flaunting your body in these fetish like ways, this season is the time to do it. (Just make sure you put a cardy on over that leather bandeau, I don’t want you to catch killer hyperthermia this Winter.)

Text Freya Hill