Angel Eye

Angel Eye are an alternative rock band inspired by the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and Placebo. Together they create a unique sound of pure elegance, melancholy, and romance. FAULT caught up the with the brother and sister duo to talk about their latest record and what 2012 holds for them.


Angel Eye


FAULT: What is the inspiration behind your latest work?

Angel Eye: Rebellion and a bit of magic.

FAULT: How would you describe your sound?

Angel Eye: A magical atmosphere to transport the audience.

FAULT: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Angel Eye: There are plenty of rock bands we’d love to work with, such as, Nightwish, Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, Indochine, Placebo and Ozzy Osbourne.

FAULT: Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Angel Eye: Our biggest inspiration comes from our dreams, in this world and in the legends.

FAULT: What are the advantages of working together?

Angel Eye: As a brother and sister there are many advantages. We know and recognise the needs of one another, a connection that only siblings can obtain. We are often on the same page and know exactly what we both want.

FAULT: What can we expect in 2012 Angel Eye?

Angel Eye: A record deal. We require a label that allows us to express ourselves, our madness and our art on stage.

FAULT: What can we expect from one of your shows?

Angel Eye: Angel Eye shows are fun to watch and our music is unique, we present magical and unforgettable moments. They are shows for the people.

FAULT: What is yourFAULT?

Angel Eye: We can get carried away too quickly.


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