Alice Luker

FAULT were recently introduced to the work of  London based photographer Alice Luker. Using style that is both current and classic Alice delivers images inspired by the more romantic things in life, like Hollywood movies and trips to Paris. FAULT Couldn’t resit an interview with Alice to tell us more about her admirations and collaborations.
FAULT: Alice, what is your creative background?

Alice: I started studying photography before I had truly turned ‘creative’ to be honest. It was about a year into my Foundation Degree where I realised that I really want to make something out of my life- doing something which I love and pushing my creative limits at each stage of development. I have honestly never looked back since. This year I’m graduating with a Bsc first class Hons in Photography although I already have my mind set to do an MA in fashion photography next year. My motto is to look forward and never spend too much time looking back. Now is always the time to make things happen.

FAULT:  What made you take the Career path of a photographer?

Alice: I’m a visual person and am totally obsessed with fashion imagery. I love being part of the fashion industry but having a role where I can still remain a comfortable distance from some of the insanities of fashion is perfect. The most exciting part for me is creating a concept and developing those ideas with a collaborative team. Although I now do a fair amount of studio work, location shoots are where my creativity really starts to flow. It’s also a great excuse to get in touch with my slightly more geeky side- art exhibitions, watching Hollywood films and so on…’inspiration’ trips to Paris? What better reason to be so decadent!


FAULT:  Could you sum up your style of photography in 3 words?

Alice: Most people have commented that my work attains a ‘timeless’ and ’emotive’ quality. I personally like my work to retain a level of ambiguity as each person deconstructs an image from their own unique perspective. I will leave the third word for you to decide!

FAULT:  What is your signature style?

Alice: My graduation series ‘All is Vanity’ was inspired by the interaction of high fashion and Renaissance art. A lot of my work has a similar painterly aesthetic and is a recurrent theme which constantly inspires me. Lighting also plays a large role in my imagery. I am forever researching classical painting to find different ways in which I can diffuse such qualities into the photographic medium. My favoured method of lighting is tungsten, assisting me to form a cinematic vision through the eyes of the lens.

FAULT:  Who’s work do you most admire?

Alice: Erwin Olaf, Paolo Roversi, Bruno Dayan and Miles Aldridge to name a few. There are a lot of exceptionally talented creatives out there which drives me to work even harder to get to the top myself!

What camera do you use?

Alice: Nikon D700 most often with a 24-70 Nikon lens. I would like to experiment with equipment a little more in the future.

FAULT:  Will film ever die?

Alice: This is where I should probably admit that I’m a filmophobe… I have so much respect for film users but unfortunately it just isn’t as practical with so many photographic assignments these days. People want results (which can without a doubt be offered by film) but they also often want them at the speed of sound which is where digital come in.

FAULT:  Do you have an all time favourite image?

Alice: If I was to select from my personal body of work it would have to be this image, taken as part of an editorial series for Fashion Insider magazine. The V&A museum was the most inspiring location to do a shoot and I feel so honoured to be given the opportunity to shoot somewhere which I had visited and admired so long before.


My favourite image
FAULT:  Who’s fashion campaigns do you most admire?

It’s not specifically fashion per se but the Lavazza campaigns always seem to be extremely eye catching and full of creative energy. They produce advertorial calendars each year which are often inspired by the idealised allure of Italian lifestyle. I have a large printed calendar of Miles Aldridge’s collaboration with Lavazza from 2010 (they work with a different photographer each year)- unfortunately I love it too much to display but have a little peek from time to time. I like campaigns with a narrative and cinematic quality- D&G, Gucci and other superbrands in fashion tend to get it spot on, but they would wouldn’t they?

FAULT:  Is there anyone you would love to photograph? If so, how would you capture them?

Alice:I’m attracted to a timeless appeal and individuality. People who appear to shape themselves not shaped so much by what is expected of them. I would love to shoot Emma Watson and Keira Knightly. Aside from both being stunningly beautiful they are clearly determining their own paths- I would be sure to capture this strength. I would also love the opportunity to work with Guinevere Van Seemus and Arizona Muse who both stand out to me as extremely versatile faces in the current circle of top models. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of David Gandy too please!?

FAULT: What does 2012 hold for you?

Alice: Lots of magazine collaborations, lookbook shoots and developing personal projects. And hopefully a holiday or two squeezed into that equation…


FAULT:  What is your FAULT?

Alice: Life tastes SO much better with a splash of Champagne.