A Fashionable Risk Worth Taking?

They say the ones that take risks are the ones who reap success, but is risk taking the right way forward? The last few weeks have shown no signs of any fashionably shy behaviour, causing moral friction within our stylish society to arise.Legally speaking we have seen Louboutin invite Yves Saint Laurent to court, over copyright allegations of YSL stealing the trademark red sole design from the shoe ambassador. The world was shocked at such design replication.

courtesy of Net-A-Porter

On a further note, Forever 21 has been brought to our attention for the 40 claims of copyright infringement they have been accused of, after stocking unoriginal garments in their stores. Independent designers were outraged. But as we gasp at these stories, let’s remember that some risky decisions do encourage positive change: Marc Jacobs has been suggested to jump from Louis Vuitton to Dior in replacement of Galliano in the near future, and that has resulted in Phoebe Philo potentially taking creative direction at LV. Exciting? Massively so.  So the moral of the story is this: those who dare, win, but some rules are there not to be broken.

Text Freya Hill