Who can tell alot about a girl by her choice of shoes…



If you can think of only one genuine footwear rock n roll legend, I bet you would think of Terry De Havilland, who has been creating shoes for the rock n roll fashionistas for the last half a century; He claims he is 73, which makes his tales as a party animal even more difficult to believe! (he looks amazing!!)

His reputation for designing sex on legs has had nearly every glamour puss from Cher to Dita Von Tease, Twiggy through to David Bowie and Jamie Cullum (small feet) calling in for a pair, he established himself as a celebrity magnet, long before celebrity dressing got as many column inches as it does today! He actually seems like he is friends with most of the people he works with and most recently, he can divulge his gift to Miss Moss or should that be Jamie Hince as he provided a pair of  “F*ck Me” shoes for the honeymoon!

Working from his studio in East London, with his lovely wife Liz, Terry has many many stories to share. Being surrounded by the beautiful and talented in the fashion and music industries is a breeding ground for his creativity, as he continues to develop newer and edgier designs. Working from his original 70s platform design, all his shoes are trademark De Havilland and no imitations will ever come close.

For those who have not been lucky enough to witness the sex appeal in person, I would recommend popping down to the Shoe Hall in Selfridges, where not only can you try on and buy the AW11 range, there will be four exclusive anniversary models: the Dragon, a silk-screen printed, red and gold wedge; Leyla, an emerald lace mule; Dagger, a leather ankle boot with a silver dagger heel; and Lola, the gold wedge featured on the cover of Goldfrapp’s Supernature album, alongside a carefully selected selection of his shoe history for your viewing pleasure in the Terry De Havilland retrospective. Starting from July 11th, it will be showing for a month.


Text Sara Darling