Sensuality, romance, attraction and magnetism: these along with many other ideas from Russian model, Victor Savkin, served as one of my two greatest inspirations behind “The Perfect Day” dream series. The story is that a man walks the empty streets alone, from early morning until nightfall. There is a girl appearing to him, bringing sunlight to his face as he offers her a flower. They dance in the street until they find themselves far away from the city where trains are making their journeys. He reads to her as they listen to the trains getting closer. In the evening, they have the most lavish spot in the city, all to themselves, where he sings to her. For him, it is the perfect day. Having felt the warmth of the time passing by, he awakens at the piano, only to realize it has all been just a dream.
Demi Moore collaborated with Brazilian designer Jack Vartanian, and using their DNA logo as inspiration, they created the beautiful handcuff necklace worn by the female model.Demi & Ashton Foundation (DNA) and the foundation’s efforts to raise the awareness on human trafficking – and with this necklace Jack raised over 10,000 dollars in a few weeks, by donating some of the proceeds from the sale of these necklaces.

FAULT: Can you tell us the idea behind “The Perfect Day”?

Adrenus: The idea behind the shoot was to take a journey around the city through the eyes of a lonely man who spends the entire day alone. Everywhere he goes, he is  reflecting, imagining what it would be like to spend it with someone he loves. The black and white photos in this series are meant to capture his reality. The colour photos are of his daydreams with the girl of his imagination.”

FAULT: What was the main inspiration behind the story?”

Adrenus: The main inspiration began first with the Russian model, Victor Savkin. We were first just going to make a few photos in the “studio style”, but then he had so many ideas for this, it just developed into this really amazing storyline. It was so easy to imagine it all, so we thought it best to capture it in exactly this way… like a picture book telling the story without the use of words.

FAULT: How did you become involved with Brazilian designer Jack Vartanian?”

Adrenus: The Brazilian designer, Jack Vartanian first caught my attention when he collaborated with Demi Moore, designing a handcuff necklace reflecting the logo of The Demi & Ashton Foundation (DNA), with proceeds from this necklace going directly to their foundation. The Demi & Ashton Foundation (DNA) works towards the elimination of sex slavery worldwide and they have been an organization which has really gone above and beyond in their fight against human trafficking in the United States and other countries around the world. I feel it is important to join in spreading awareness of their incredible efforts so, when I received the necklace, it immediately became a part of the concept to “The Perfect Day”. Recently, the Demi & Ashton Foundation lauched their “Real Men” Campaign, highlighting that Real Men Don’t Buy Girls. So, in “The Perfect Day” the connection is that Real Men don’t buy girls, because they know how to sweep a woman off her feet.


FAULT: Did you have difficulty finding and casting the perfect models?

Adrenus: It was actually quite easy to find the perfect models for this. Victor stood out immediately because of his height. He’s taller than the average model at 6ft 5in (195cm) with such an easy face to photograph. So there is this rare combination of completely unusual & totally ordinary that made his look truly unique for this shoot. The female model, Janeta, was also a great choice because of her down to earth appeal. She matched perfectly with Victor, as being a part of his imagination.

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Adrenus: Currently, we are working on a photo series for the end of Summer – again, it involves the jewelry from designer Jack Vartanian. He has also been working with an organization called, whose focus is on protecting wild and rare species around the globe. Jack Vartanian designed a collection of rings, necklaces and earrings reflecting the wild animals found in the Amazon. So, we have been using the spider ring and necklace as a part of our “Farewell Summer Wild” shoot on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast. We actually just wrapped up shooting this weekend. We had a great time shooting, and fell in love with the clothes from Diane Von Furstenberg for the female models, Desislava Kasabova (Bulgaria) & Andreia Alexandra (Romania).

CANALI was the choice for the male model, Victor Savkin (Russia). It was a lot of work and I hope that the results will show it.

FAULT: Would you consider a career in filmmaking?

Adrenus: Well, the majority of my experience as a photographer has been in travel. For me, fashion photography is something that I only recently began since moving to Bulgaria.I would consider any outlet in which you can put your artistic talents to use. Last May, I held another art exhibition this time in Sofia at ANIMA Art Gallery, so really, there is no area that I’m not willing to explore whether it is art, fashion, design or even film.

FAULT: If you had the chance to photograph a dead icon, who would it be and why?

Adrenus: Hmmm, I would have to say Micheal Jackson. The reason? He is one of the very few people who has somehow managed to affect the lives of many generations, many different races and, nearly every single country around the world. As a child, I would watch him be interviewed on television and even at that young age, I felt he was someone special.How he managed to do it, I’m not entirely sure, but by holding onto the belief that every single one of us is extraordinary, rare and beautiful, we become more like him everyday. Yes, I would give anything (well, almost) to have some photo session with MJ.

FAULT: Do you have an all time favourite magazine cover?

Adrenus: Let’s see, an all time favourite… Other than your FAULT cover of issue 6 Yes, there is a cover I came across recently during one crazy non-stop travel week. While at the airport in Frankfurt, I picked up a copy of Russian VOUGE (May 2011) … of all the things that could have taken my attention, it was this cover that stopped me. I love opposites in combination, and this cover did it perfectly with tribal African, high-society and a touch of chic S&M – all in the one style. Maryna Linchuk photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, it is flawless and my all time favourite. In fact, I have it as an art piece on my living room table, and am considering having it framed.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Adrenus: Refusal to live in reality, because dreams are much more interesting.

Photography by Adrenus Craton

Male Model: Victor Savkin

Female Model: Janeta Yaneva

Makeup Artist: Rositza Dyulgerova

Hair Stylist: Vesela Emilova

Salon: Trinity Sport & Beauty Center