Should Robbie Williams give up music to take up a career in fashion…?

Now that is debatable- most women of a certain age will want him to remain firmly in the public eye and continue crooning to us with, flashing his cheeky grin, dimpled cheeks tattoo-ed chest and mischievious twinkle; Men on the other hand, will probably appreciate his boy band days are over and are quite grateful that he’s settled into a project that they can appreciate!

Mr Williams never claimed to be a clothes horse, as his weight fluctuated and he tried a variety of pop star styles. However, the new venture is one that is designed to last. The new label Farell, named after his grandfather Jack Farell, is targeted at real men, who have real lives; Its not pretentious, its not in your face, its just incredibly easy to wear. Infact, the Farrell motto is “Wear it in, Wear it out”. Men, it seems are not going to keep these pieces in the closet for “best”!

Sticking proudly to his working class roots, Williams was brought up with his grandfather as a strong influence in his life, and he claims his relationship with Farrell strengthened him greatly. He is a true mans man, and the debut collection, which will be available from September has a strong heritage feel, influenced by Saville Row tailoring. Not one for a bling-y label, it is all about the details, which are subtle and slightly reminiscent of the working class Hovis advert days, when men were men and stopped for a pint of ale after work.

The range is capsule and the standout piece is the ¾ Banks wool overcoat, with dinner jackets, cardigans and check shirts all nestling side by side; All are interchangeable with the everyman wardrobe. But with Williams being the cheeky chappy he is, there is also the option of a polka dot scarf and true lads flat cap, to add a bit of personality when you’re out walking the dog.
The range will be exclusively on the high street at House of Fraser and online at prices from £35