Maayan Keret

Fashion muse and icon Maayan Keret  is making her return to the fashion world seventeen years after wowing the industry in a scarlet YSL wedding dress. We discuss her collected approach and the defining moments in her outstanding career

Photography: Stefan Milev, Styling: Christian Brach, Hair: Ahmet Bilir, Make-up: Phil Hoffmann, Styling Assistant: Katharina Kops

FAULT: How are you feeling today Maayan?

Maayan: I’m feeling good, thanks. I just came back from the beach from a refreshing winter dip, I love how the shock of cold water gives the experience mediative qualities.

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Maayan: I model for various magazines. I work in schools with youths, I try to educate them about a healthy body image, a subject dear to my heart, I try to undo the almost alien female body image created in young people’s minds today. I’m also producing a television commercial. On top of it all, I’m a mum of two adorable kids.

FAULT: Do you have any hidden talents?

Maayan: I’m not a bad writer & I can paint pretty darn good too!

FAULT: How did your relationship start with Verbmodels?

Maayan: When I met Matan Uziel we were initially supposed to collaborate on a project combating eating disorders, after a few weeks of work together Matan raised the question of why have I stopped modelling internationally, to which I answered “mmm….dunno?”… which led to my career rejuvenation via the almighty Matan Uziel.

FAULT: What has been the biggest highlight of your career to date?

Maayan: I would probably go with the wedding dress I modelled for YSL 18 years ago (300 years in model years).

FAULT: Who’s been the most inspirational person you have ever met?

Maayan: Bracha Etinger who is a painter & a psychotherapist.

Dress: Iris van Herpen Shoes: Givenchy

Maayan’s Favourites:

Film: The Piano Teacher.

Book: Anna Karenina.

Song: Lou Reed- Perfect Day

Fashion designer: Balenciaga.

Photographer: Nick Knight.

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