FAULT: What has been your source of inspiration over the post few months?
Darshana: Sex is king but love is God. And for me, FAULT is God! So my source of inspiration is definitly love.

FAULT: Can you tell us about some of your new tracks?Darshana: I wrote in april the song Maggie The Fault for Fault Mag as a present. http://soundcloud.com/darshana/maggie-the-fault-by-darshana (home made recording on a 4 tracks, 2 guitares/2voices) A soft and vocal song about a child-woman who can’t forgive herself, living with her regrets. It’s about a Bridget Jones of culpability. I’m going to do a serie of three song-episodes and exposed her evolution to freedom.  This idea of song-series came from a discussion with my friend, the great director, Marc Czerwiec from the group Milikilo, actually working over a second project

for CHANEL. We’re all very proud of him here!

FAULT: How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

Darshana: I want them to feel young!

FAULT: Do you have any live shows planned?

Darshana: I’m going to play from september 2011 to summer 2012 in a spanish bar in Paris, the “El Papi Chulo“. Just in front of the New Morning . All information is here:  http://darshanamusique.blogspot.com/

FAULT: What new music are you currently listening to?

Darshana: Not new music but I’m currently listening to Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers, Susan Tedeschi, Frank Mccomb, Spencer David Group… Mainly Blues/Soul/Gospel music! It’s really realy good!

FAULT: You recently worked with artist Peihang Huang , how did the collaboration come about?

Darshana: She is a close friend of Marc. I saw her works for the first time in the end of 2009 and I remembered, I’ve been very impressed and now we’re friends. Theses last days we had a great discussion through what we discovered we are sharing the same difficulties and we wanted to help each other. Then I inspired her a portrait of me and she inspired me the song “Street Artist”. http://soundcloud.com/darshana/street-artist (home made recording on a 4 tracks, 2 guitares/2voices) A wonderful experience.

FAULT: What is it you like about her work?
Darshana: I like her work because it’s exceptionnal, classical and trash all in same time. The choice of colors reminds me psychedelics portraits of Jimi Hendrix. She’s like capturing rainbows and put it into face shaped painting with a note of misery. It is brilliant.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Darshana: Often people compared me to Kurt Cobain.  Couple of times, one sound ingenior and one great french guitarist, Etienne Prieuret, compared my voice to the Michael Jackson‘s one. Another great french guitarist, Nicolas Grosso, compared me to Richie Havens.  A brilliant bass player, Pierre Cordier, compared me to Keziah Jones. One girl from PIAS production told me I’m a kind of a new Oasis. Once a manager told me I’m like Elvis Presley in his early days. My boss said “You’re voice is kinda like Brian Molko, I like it, I like Placebo” For one productor, my music is efficient like songs of the group Police. A talent of electro and dance music in India named Marti Barath from the group Sapta said my voice is like Prince‘s voice. Half of Paris think that I look like Sendhil Ramamurthy. (Mohinder Suresh in Heroes) And a good friend, Soufyane, compared me to Serge Gainsbourg… this last comparation made me cry… And I should have replied : “Thanks you, It’s all my FAULT“.