Björk, New Video “Crystalline”

In case it slipped your musical periphery, Björk is releasing a new album titled Biophilia on September 26 via Björk Overseas/One Little Indian Records Ltd. Working with computer programmers, musicologists, animators, scientists, and designers, Björk has made an interactive iPad application for every song on the album, incorporating the process of making each song with lessons in music production. Making just as much of a comment on technology and nature as she is the music industry, Björk recently tweeted: “The album for me is still the most important component. I’ve tried the hardest I can to make the album in a way that it can both stand on its own, or be connected to apps. It’s your choice. I like to encourage the fans to buy only what they want. They don’t have to buy everything!” Preceding the video, Björk did a special photo collaboration with Inez & Vinoodh for the beautiful “Crystalline” cover. Its futuristic concept and aura carry on to the video – directed by Michel Gondry, written by Björk, and animated by Peter Sluszka. Buy “Crystalline” and preorder Biophilia on