are you wearing jewellery or is that jewellery wearing you?


If only we could all create what we wanted to wear, life and it’s many disguises would be very interesting.

However, after meeting jewellery designer Ute Decker, she lives by that philosophy completely. Her designs are structured and organic- almost being made on a whim of what she wants to wear at that very moment, but worked with deep intensity to break down the structures to minimise them as much as possible.

It is easier to start with something big and de-clutter she claims, and although some of her work is big in size, the craftsmanship means that the detail is in what has been taken away, rather than what we can see.

It is almost as though the jewellery adds to the blank canvas of the wearer and the people they come in to contact with can make their own impression. It is the jewellery that leads and adds its own life and personality to the wearer and can be worn in a multitude of ways.

Architecture is an important component to the jewellery, and although it seems extremely ordered, the subtleties of non conformism of sizes and exact measurements of the pieces, allow it to be more accessible and less controlled.

Ute is an artist jeweler and her work can be considered as pieces of art. She creates from the heart and it is clear she wants to keep things as natural and simplistic in her styling. She only uses fairtrade materials, and has stockists all round the world.