Toronto duo TRUST are members ROBERT ALFONS // MAYA POSTEPSKI. The band have just wrapped up a North American tour with Crystal Castles and recently performed at SXSW. Robert and Maya have just released a new track Candy Walls via their label Sacred Bones whose roster includes such acts as Moon Duo, Zola Jesus and Blank Dog. Along with the single the group has released a new video directed by Eva Michon . FAULT caught up with TRUST this week to ask them about their recent tour, influences, thoughts on teenage girls and their plans for the rest of 2011.

FAULT: How long has TRUST been together?

Rob: about a year now yeah
FAULT: What’s your song writing process? Is it a joint effort?

Rob: We write songs both collaboratively and separately from each other

FAULT: Where do you record your tracks?

Rob: at home

FAULT: You recently did some gigs with Crystal Castles how did the tour go?

Rob: The first show was all ages.  so many amazing teenage girls

FAULT: TRUST also performed at SXSW was that your first time attending/playing the festival?

Rob: yeh, that festival sucks… but I had a great time exploring Austin

FAULT: You recently released the single Candy Walls what was your inspiration behind that track?

That song is about the illusion of first love

FAULT: The video for Candy walls was directed by photographer Eva Michon where you a fan of her work previously?

Trust- Candy Walls Directed by Eva Michon

Rob: Eva had done a really stunning video for Bishop Morocco and I loved it,,, I knew she lived down the street from us so I emailed her

FAULT: How involved where you with the treatment of the video for Candy Walls?

Rob: Eva had quite a few ideas for it,,,we really wanted to do a sunny video, something that was very different from the song

FAULT: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Rob: We’re writing the next Madonna album

FAULT: Any word on what your next single release will be?

Rob: We are releasing a new video and song for early fall

FAULT: What’s the music scene like in Toronto?

Rob: There are a lot of great bands in Toronto, but I’m a hermit, I don’t really go outside

FAULT: Will you be touring the UK this year?

Rob: No definite plans yet, but definitely expect us yes.

FAULT: What can fans expect from TRUST in 2011?

Rob: Making people feel again



* Special thanks to MIKEY APPLES