Spyridon Tsagarakis

One of the most inspirational and international artist in the world, spyridon rocks his work in greece and the world over

FAULT: As a proud Greek and a citizen of the World how do you interpret your heritage in your internationally acclaimed fashion collections?

Spyridon: As a Greek, I‘ve made a powerful deal with the ancient Greek civilization and as a result, the reference to this civilization, functions in an subconscious and effortless way but also as a product of my own will. It is an honor to be able to have references to my heritage and to my Greek identity as well, and it is a very important fact that I was raised in Greece and specifically in Crete, so it is hard for me not to be inspired by this, since during my early twenties I had influences concerning the Greek tradition, history, music and religion.

FAULT: Tell me about your latest fashion campaign for your collection. Was it your initial idea?

Spyridon: It is inspired by the Greek Saint Sophia in Constantinople and specifically by the capitals that are found in the interior of the cathedral. The capitals have carved decoration with acanthus leaves that appear to be blown by a strong wind, with the monograms of Justinian and Theodora. I have carved bronze for this particular motif adjusting it to the human body. The initial idea never remains exactly the same. The more you work on an idea the more it changes and the final result ends up being different from the original conception. But I have a Cretan passion that fills me with creative persistence so I always try not to deviate from my initial idea so as to finally create what I have in mind.

FAULT: How has the reaction been for your new collection? Is it everything you thought it would be?

Spyridon: There has been surprise and admiration and I was very glad that for once more my proposals succeeded in over passing the boundaries of the fashion industry and in being perceived as works of art that can also be exposed in museums. On the other hand, there is also the negative criticism that comes from the Turkish part, but I am just going to mention this traditional Greek expression that goes like this: “through time, it is going to be ours again”.And I am of course referring to the Greek Saint Sophia that is now under Turkish possession.

FAULT: Some of your pieces are included in the permanent collections of museums all over the world. As a designer how do you balance the art side and the practical side?

Spyridon: It is very important for an artist to create and to reach a result fairly close to the one that arouses the desire of the audience to observe, to wear, to possess the piece of clothing also as a sculpture in their home, as a painting, as anything really. If this desire is never awaken, then there is definitely something wrong with this piece of art.

FAULT: Do you have an all time favourite garment that you have created?

Spyridon: The whole 2008 collection. The garments, from a chromatic and a constructive point of view were a reference to the Parthenon Marbles. People were able to understand, that what they were looking at wasn’t a marble but a cashmere cloth that was meant to be worn.

FAULT: How important do you think it is to evolve as an artist?

Spyridon: Really important. I have the luxury to have made my dream come true all around the world and to keep going by evolving my techniques. I also feel that I can wake up tomorrow morning and stop doing what I m doing, and start focusing on something else very different from clothes, that would still have to do with art though, like painting, sculpture, things that I used to practice in the past, having also presented relative projects. I don’t like to stay put. Art includes a variety of different paths. Those things that aren’t to be renewed they die eventually.

FAULT: What is your creative process?

Spyridon: Conception followed by construction. These two words hold the key to my creative process. It is a rather hard procedure, in order to gain that exact result that I have in mind by unblocking the subconscious at the same time.

FAULT: How are things in Greece now?

Spyridon: To listen to the prime minister of the country say that Greece is in need of a global government, what comes in mind is really very specific. It is clear that he is guided by this global government. He has managed effortlessly to take Greece exactly where his bosses want it to be. He is fully guided by them and he transfers every message that comes from this source like a loyal soldier. The Global State wants to control Greece and its people, as far as the Greek wealth is concerned, and believe me Greece is a very wealthy country in matter of metals, petroleum e.t.c. and this fact is very well known to the masters of the global Government. As a result, they created a fake crisis, leading Greeks in financial dead ends and stressing them by controlling them emotionally through the media and the measures that they take. The goal is to force our country to surrender to them. They plan to control us by forcing us to use a card equipped with a certain chip which holds  information that concern every form of personal data. We will lose our state of independence that was given to us by God as Orthodox people. Their goal is to make us deny our faith, by using this card with the 666 code. It’s not acceptable for an Orthodox to use such a card because of spiritual reasons. It represents a mental fall and a total destruction. All those that are responsible for this and call themselves masters of the universe, haven’t thought of something really important. The one and only God, Jesus Christ. But how could they ever take into account this power, since they represent God’s enemies.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Spyridon: As I stated in our last interview I don‘t only have one FAULT, but many that have to do with my passions. I hope though and I believe in the one and only God, Jesus Christ. He helps me and I know that he will save me.