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FAULT: What is the history of SGC NY?

In the spectrum of time SGC is in its infancy so we have more of a future coming then a history to tell. I was doing graphic design on a couple tv shows. This leant to dealing with fabrics, cuts and fashion. I am self taught so without that experience not sure if I would have taken this path in my life. I really couldn’t be happier with the reaction so far. I am just really excited for the brand to “grow up”.

FAULT: Who are the creative minds behind the designs?

I actually do most of the design work. But in reality what is behind our creative process is what the consumer thinks or feels when they see or wear our product. The combination of everything we produce is to create that image and maintain it. With a smaller brand like ours so many people have their hands in the final product and I would like to thank every one of them.

FAULT: What is SGC NY’s philosophy?

Our philosophy really starts with our ideals and community. We make ever piece in New York City. We try to keep our clothes relative reasonable priced and this is the backbone of what we put forward.


Denim Dress



Gauze Sweater




FAULT: What has been the source of inspiration behind your Summer 2011 collection?

I love going to see old movies in the park and going to outdoor concerts in New York in the summer. That girl next to me and dancing around is what I was thinking of when creating these clothes. Lose, comfortable but still with that effortless style.

FAULT: Do you have an ideal client?

A lot of people always say we are the clothes that models wear off duty. But for me I don’t really have an ideal client. Just like in life every person can bring something new to the table and why would I ever want to limit that. My favorite thing ever was the first time I saw a girl wearing our stuff on the subway. That brought more of a smile to my face then any celebrity would.

FAULT: What is the most popular item from SGC NY?

Our sheer black tank is one of most popular. Simple with a great generous cut that fits anybody type perfectly. For the price you probably will not get anything softer. Also our lined Maxi has been so well received. There are a lot of great Maxi dresses around but they are hard to layer under or wear certain under garments with. So we took care of that with a soft Supima underbelly.


Bunched Skirt






FAULT: Can you reveal anything about your Fall 2011 collection?

Our fall collection is really a New York throwback. Maybe something like a dressed up version of “80 Blocks from Tiffany’s”. A lot of dyed denim, leather accents, chunky sweaters and a bunch of sheer. Along with the usual tanks and basics everybody loves.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

My fault will one day be overcome. So until that day I will keep it my little secret.