SINGAPORE SLING’S Henrik Björnsson

Singapore Sling hails from Reykjavík, Iceland. Band members are Henrik Björnssonvocals / guitar / keyboard, Einar Kristjánssonlead guitar,Bibibass, Hákon Aoalsteinssonguitar,  Bjössi drums and Sigurður Magnús Finnsson aka Siggi Snifftambourine / maracas.

The band have been together since 2000 and toured with such artists as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Raveonettes and The Meek. Singapore Sling  are about to release their 6th studio album called Never Forever via their label Outlier Records. The 12 Track album will be out this Friday the 13th. Definitely worth a listen absolutely killer tunes. FAULT caught up this week with Henrik Björnsson to ask about the forthcoming album and find out what the bands plans  are for the rest of 2011.

FAULT: What was the inspiration behind naming the album NEVER FOREVER?

It just came to me one day. I knew that it had to be the title of the record.
It fits my state of mind and personality.

FAULT: Where did you record this album?

Last November I finally got a place where I could record music, after months of having nowhere to record. That’s where I recorded this record (in Reykjavik, Iceland), from early November till the end of February. I also wrote most of it in that period.

FAULT: Henrik can you tell us what some of the influences were for the tracks found on the album?

I guess hearing Doctor Mix and the Remix for the first time influenced me quite a bit. Also the 39 Clocks. And of course I am constantly influenced by music and things I have always loved and always will. But most importantly, on this record I didn’t want to spend too much time trying to make things “perfect”. I just wanted honesty. And besides, anyone can spend endless hours playing with their pro tools. The magic is when you are recording to capture an idea. That magic can be lost with too many re-takes and too much editing. I always get inspired by raw and simple things.

Singapore Sling – Never Forever

FAULT: When you’re writing what type of environment do you like working in?

Well ideas come wherever whenever. When I sit down to make those ideas into songs I just need to have peace.

FAULT: Have you played any of the new material from the forthcoming album live yet?


FAULT: How has your sound evolved over the years?

I think with each record I make I want to make everything more simple. I used to make demos with a drum machine and then teach the songs to the band to play live, and then sometimes record live in a studio, or it would just be me in a studio. Now I just record myself in my own space and time, and turn that into a record.

FAULT: What artist and musicians inspire you?

Those who do it for themselves. Those that create their own world where nothing matters except their art/ music.

FAULT: Henrik you’re also involved with side projects such as the The GoGo Darkness and DEAD SKELETONS what other creative projects do you have planned?

I started doing those projects about two years ago. The Go Go Darkness with Elsa Maria Blöndal and Dead Skeletons with Jón Sæmundur (Nonni Dead), because I wanted to do something other than Singapore Sling and to do different things with different people. The Go Go Darkness record we made two years ago, and we plan on making a new one very soon. The Dead Skeletons record will be out this summer.

I also have a project with my friend Tank called Hank and Tank and we released a record two years ago called Songs For The Birds. Then I have another project with Tank and Helgi Örn (both ex-Sling players) called Goddamn Skunks. We actually haven´t played together for years, but intend to do so this summer. We have one rule, to never ever rehearse. So each gig is a completely unique event. The last gig ended in the middle of a song with me strangling someone who had been bugging me.
FAULT:  Friday the 13th is an interesting choice for a release date, are you a superstitious person?

Not at all, but I believe in curses. We also picked the date because it´s Mark´s birthday (Mark Openshaw of Outlier records).

FAULT: Your videos aesthetically fit the music how do you select the film makers?

Well, I am very lucky to have various talented friends who like my music. But the only actual (experienced) film maker that has worked with Singapore Sling though is Uli Schueppel. We had recently met in Berlin and become friends when we decided he should come to Iceland to make a video with us.

SIngapore Sling- Godman Directed by Uli Schueppel

FAULT: What’s the music scene in Iceland like?

I don´t pay attention. Vebeth is all I care about.

FAULT: Will you be touring in support of your latest record Never Forever?

I haven´t really thought about it, but it´s possible. And live this time it will be different.

FAULT: Is there a single off the new record that we can look forward too?

Well yes, there should be plenty of singles to look forward to, and videos.

FAULT: Can you tell us more about VEBETH the music and art collective? How did that come about? Is it limited to artists from Iceland?
About two years ago I was talking to my friend Þórður (of Two Step Horror) and we decided we had to form a collective/ alliance to unite all the projects we and our friend were involved in, since we all shared similar aesthetics and were already collaborating on art happenings and such. We also had no faith in labels so we were all going to release our stuff ourselves. Putting that Vebeth logo on our releases was also a way to connect them. A stamp of quality if you will.
No it is not limited to artists from Iceland. The Meek from LA are a part of Vebeth. And you can expect a killer record from them soon.

FAULT: You’re with OUTLIER RECORDS now how did that come about?

I met with Mark in London last summer and we talked and saw that we both shared a similar vision of how this recording and releasing business should be. Outlier is a sort of anti-label, so it fits Vebeth perfectly.

FAULT: What plans does Singapore Sling have for the rest of the 2011?

No plans yet, but there will be more music. Always.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Nothing. Everything. Never Forever.


1. The Nothing Inside
2. Freaks
3. Tunnel Vision
4. Take
5. Now It´s Time To Disappear
6. All I Want
7. Sleep
8. You Can´t Compare
9. Poison Ape
10. Afterlife
11. On A Different Star
12. Never Forever



Photo Credit : Charlie Strand