FAULT: How has 2011 been for you so far?

2011 has been another successful year for me.

My current album has been reviewed well by various German music magazines .Thus I have met a lot of interesting people.Further, I have written music for a film that was shown in the cinema of my hometown.It is called local heroes and is about the local cultural scene.This was a very interesting experience for me.

FAULT: How did your interest in music start?

It all started in the late 80s.

At that time the radio was playing many new wave bands, with their cool synthesizer sounds.It sounded like music from a different world.  When I heard the songs of Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre for the first time, I decided to make music. I started to create my own sound with a small synthesizer and a tape recorder.

FAULT: What never fails to inspire?

A good book with an interesting story is always a source of inspiration. You dive into the atmosphere and have pictures and sounds in your head. They often form the basis of my songs.

FAULT: What has been the source of inspiration for your latest work?

It has been inspired by the book ROBOTER VISIONEN by Isaac Asimov.

My latest album ELECTRONIC CATWALK  is about the relationship between humans and machines or technology in general.  The song SYNTHESIZE ME! tells a story between two robots, who fell in love. Another track is about the phenomenon synaesthetic.Colours and sounds are merging into an electronic song.


FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Personal experience always play a role in my music.But it runs parallel to the main theme of the album without disturbing it.

FAULT: What is the story behind magnetic diary?

There was a time in which  thoughts,wishes and feelings were written in a book

It was sealed and hidden in a secret location.Nowadays feelings and thoughts are shared with a great audience. So nearly everyone is informed about it. Everyone has to decide for himself if it is a positive trend or not. Magnetic Diary describes this situation.

FAULT: Do you create all your own visuals?

So far I’ve produced all of my visuals by myself. They emphasize the topic of each of my albums. For example the album catopolis is a fictive soundtrack for a sci-fi movie. The videos according to the album are animated pictures and tell a story about a pilot in his little blue spaceship and his adventures in space.The videos for my latest album have a futuristic and technical atmosphere.They include elements such as the binary code or silhouettes of people, buildings and objects drawn in neon colors.

Making videos takes a lot of time.So the new videos will be produced by the independent director Ulle Bowski.We have already begun to collect impressions and pictures for my new project. We did that mostly in Hamburg.

FAULT: Are you inspired by your surroundings?

Yes definitely.My music is very visual and the songs are like images in one´s mind.When I walk through the cities and I look at the buildings and people, I have ideas for a song that describes the atmosphere or situation.It  also happens when I watch people – how they behave or talk to each other.I don’t evaluate this whether it is right or wrong. I only describe this situations, and transfer it to a different kontext.

FAULT: What can fans expect from Catronic in 2011?

In may the album CATRONIC REMIXED 2 will be released. It contains remixes and alternate Versions from the album ELECTRONIC CATWALK.Two wonderful remixes of the songs  ECHO SOUNDER and ELECTRONIC ORGY are made by Chris d´Arcy ( Digital Rhythm Collective). He has found the right tones for a brilliant reinterpretation. You can listen to them on my website. It contains also a remix made by the producer Denis Puder and the hip hop artist Askari.

Currently I am working on my new album entitled ATOMIC AVENUE.It will tell a coherent story about Life in a city of the near future.It includes topics such as isolation, violence, oppression and cybersex.This time I have guest singers and guest speakers who tell the story.Simultaneously I will visualise the whole album with the support of the director Ulle Bowski. It will be an album and a short film released at the end of the year.

FAULT: Any guilty pleasures?

Are there any?

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

I always want to realize all my ideas at the same time.

Time management is not my strong point.


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