Cannes is burning


Interview by Alexandra S. Jupillat


After mixing alongside superstars such as David Guetta and Martin Solveig, Léo Lanvin is now working for the world’s most glamourous rendezvous in cinema, Cannes Film festival, which will be taking place until May 22nd with Robert De Niro as president.

One anecdote? ‘Over the 3 editions of the Film Festival in which I took part as a Dj, I remember one night at the Majestic hotel. Jude Law was standing nearby while I was mixing and I thought to myself  ‘I want to make him feel like dancing’. He did dance for a bit and then winked at me as if to thank me for the music. That felt really nice.’

Your Parisian routine? ‘I work for NRJ Radio, a music channel (n°1 in France) from midnight to 6AM during the week. I mix once a month at the Queen club on the Champs Elysées with Michael Canitrot and I have recently joined the Matignon club where I mix every weekend.’

He also let me in on one of his future projects. He is currently writing a script.

Can you tell us more? ‘It’s about a radio broadcaster who one day decides to take over the entire channel in order to put pressure on the government. I have gathered strong support and hopefully I will get it done by the end of the year so I can start entering production stage.’

Your FAULT? ‘I would say I tend to get very (very) stressed-out. Overthinking makes it hard to take a real break from my work.’

Watch out for this young artist with talent and humility. Refreshing.

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