Images courtesy of Bjorg, 2011.

With a penchant for precious stones, uncut diamonds & a love of raw perfection, it’s no wonder Norwegian-born jewellery designer Bjorg has made such an astounding ascent into the UK & Global retail market since she started hand-crafting her designs in 2004. Her influences are extensive, citing her Nordic roots, the Artic nature that she grew up alongside, The Garden of Eden and even evolutionist Charles Darwin as inspirations behind her previous collections. Natural & precious materials form her designs; blue horse hair, crystals, meteorite-like stones & oxidised sterling silver are all carefully hand-crafted to create breathtakingly beautiful pieces imbued with spirituality and soul. Standout pieces from the 2011 collection include a raven necklace with two rose cut diamond eyes, a silver necklace featuring an uncut diamond held inside a pyramid cage and an opulent silver snake-spine bracelet. With her business and clientele rapidly expanding and her distinctive aesthetic translating into intricate works of art that are in constant demand, the future for Bjorg looks promising, very promising indeed.