Angel Eye

FAULT: How has 2011 been for you so far?
Angel Eye: Not great is still looking for a label to work with. Which is what is positive is to make scenes from there if part.

FAULT: How did you both meet and start making music together?
Angel Eye: We had no need to meet, because we are brother and sister. According to terms of making music together. At the beginning, we sing each in his corner, it fesaient of casting and as we saw after we had a bit near the same musical tastes it was said: “Why not form a group.”

FAULT: What is the inspiration behind your latest work?
Angel Eye: The source of our last job was to put the rebellion, a can of air and a bit of magic

FAULT: What are you currently working on?
Angel Eye: For now we have ideas and working on the 2nd and 3rd albums if not more.

FAULT: Has your approach to writing songs changed over time?
Angel Eye: For now, over time it is put écrient songs of melancholy, a magical atmosphere to transport the public.



FAULT: What’s the story behind The Crow?
Angel Eye: The story behind it is that the Ravens wanted to refer the world of Gothic metal and we love above all. We wanted to describe the Crows in all its grandeur.

FAULT: What can fans expect from Angel Eye in 2011?
Angel Eye: We sign a label in order to let us show our bano because we want to give the best available public, to dream in several feelings of sadness was the explosion of joy in our shows and albums in and they croivent us.

FAULT: Who would you like to collaborate with?
Angel Eye: With a label (smile). No, seriously, there are plenty of rock band as they love, Nightwish, Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera, Indochine, Placebo and Ozzy Osbourne. And many other that would like to work with. It is quite Gourment.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?
Angel Eye: We get carried away quickly if we slap on the system. It’s hard to say no, if we do not like something not to hurt the person. Its fact that people enjoy. But we’re open to everything.



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