Olsens Prepare to Launch E-Commerce Site

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen photographed by Bruce Weber.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have done it again. In July, the powerhouse duo will debut their newest fashion venture: An e-commerce site called StyleMint. The Olsens have partnered with Josh Berman (one of the founders of MySpace) to create a site in which buyer-friendly prices are combined with a unique customized shopping experience. Each of the site’s available products will be designed by the twins, beginning with a line of women’s t-shirts (available for only $29.99). The site will be structured around a monthly opt-out model, comparable to Kate Bosworth’s recent collaboration with Cher Coulter (JewelMint). The site will offer personalized shopping suggestions to customers based on a combination of purchase history and style quiz results. Only the future holds the answer to the question of whether the twin’s e-commerce venture will be a success, but if the past is any indication, StyleMint will do just fine.