Max Margheri




FAULT: How did you become a photographer?

In 1999 I  was working as a model in Milan for an international brand. My passion began as i watched other photographers, i started to criticize their work and decided to become a photographer for myself.

FAULT: What is your artistic background?

Fashion photography is my main area. I love to work with new talent such as stylists, designers and collaborate with them on amazing projects. It’s important to do something with passion and enjoy yourself.

FAULT: What camera do you use?

Generally i use a canon (mark2\4 or 7D).




FAULT: Do you prefer digital or Film?

I prefer digital, there are lot of possibilities.

FAULT: Do you have an all time favorite image?

V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt



FAULT: Is there anyone you would love to photograph?

My desire…?  Barack Obama.

FAULT: What are you currently working?

I have an important project for an International magazine.. i can say only the mood of shooting…sin city.

FAULT: What’s on your ipod?

I love Michael Jackson.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

I’m not so patience.. .. I can’t wait to see my interview and shots on FAULT magazine?



Credits: (thanks to)


  • Francesca Stone
  • Annu Harju
  • Lily
  • Corinne piccolo
  • Hebe-Kai Kann
  • Giulia Tolaini

Dresser Design

  1. Niki Frondi
  2. Susanna Cornet
  3. GioModa
  4. Arnoldo & Battois
  5. Leit Motiv

Jewels Design



Makeup artist

  • Katia Mascolo
  • Natascya Mugnai

set assistant

  • Katia Mascolo