Franz Ferdinand vs Debbie Harry – New E.P. Covers

Franz Ferdinand –  Covers

Franz Ferdinand’s album Tonight is receiving a tribute of sorts with the release of the EP  Covers. The album is for this years Record Store Day and features renditions of Franz Ferdinands songs by:  LCD Soundsystem, Magnetic Fields’ (Stephin Merritt), ESG, Peaches, and last but not least Blondie’s Debbie Harry. Domino Records has made the entire  forthcoming EP available for streaming this weekend even though the official release date is May 2. Definitely worth a listen some killer tracks on this album.

Franz Ferdinand – Covers E.P.

Debbie Harry – Live Alone
Stephin Merritt (of Magnetic Fields) – Dream Again
LCD Sondsystem – Live Alone
ESG – What She Came For
Peaches – Turn It On