FAULT Interview: Barbara Panther

Barbara Panther

Barbara Panther is a music artist who was Rwandan-born, Brussels’ raised and is now based a Berlin. Barbara truly has her own unique genre blending style. Panther is about to release her self-entitled debut May 16th via her label City Slang. The album was produced by Matthew Herbert who has worked with such artists as REM, Bjork and Yoko Ono. Barbara’s first single/video from the forthcoming EP  Empire was directed by Woof Wan-Bau of Duke Spirit and Mogawi fame. The 1o track debut is definitely worth a listen. Her energetic vocals, interesting lyrics and diverse melodies really make her a standout. FAULT caught up with Barbara to ask her about her new studio effort, her influences and what fan’s can expect from her in 2011.


FAULT: Did you grow up in a musical family?

Barbara: Not really,but I did grow up in a big family and there was always lots of children around,so it’s like being on a playground. The sound of many children together is like listening to swallows in trees.

FAULT: Have you been in any bands prior to your solo project?

Barbara: When i lived in Brussel i was in the art-school so there’s always been musical projects happening,I sang in a band,I sang in a musical,in a choir and when I moved to Berlin I had many collaborations with other artists like kid 606, T-Raumschmiere, Jachoozie, acid washed!

FAULT: Barbara, what where some of the influences for the tracks found on your forthcoming album?

Barbara: I’m influenced by experiences and observations old and new and the ones that are about to happen.I like to imagine how the planets and the universe sounds like,the sound of explosions and implosions and the result of that here on earth and inside us.

FAULT: You music is truly a mix of styles, was that a conscious decision on your part to not be labeled or branded within just one genre?

Barbara: No,that is purely accidental,what the songs have in common is that they come out of me,they happen to have their own colour and character.

FAULT: Your album was produced by Matthew Hebert who’s worked with such artist as Bjork and Yoko Ono. How did you end up collaborating with him?

Barbara: I’ve been wanting to work with him for some time.When i signed to City Slang they gave him a ring and we met.

FAULT: How important to you are the visuals that correspond with music?

Barbara: A lot of times i try to imagine the lyrics and the music,so the visuals are an extension or attribution to all that already happens in the music.

FAULT: Your Video Empire was directed by Woof Wan-Bau who has also crafted short-films for Duke Spirit and Mogwai. Where you a fan of his work prior to your video?

Barbara: That is the reason why I wanted to work with him.Watching those videos I liked his aesthetic and eye for detail. It’s quit delicate and sensual.

Barbara Panther – Empire

FAULT: Any word yet of what your next single release will be?

Barbara: The next single release will be Moonlight People.

FAULT: How do you find the music scene in Berlin as opposed to your hometown of Brussels?

Barbara: It’s pretty different. I believe Berlin is much more experimental and avant-garde then Brussels. It also is more open and excepting new and different things.

FAULT: What Artist/Musicians inspire you?

Barbara: There’s a bunch of artists that really inspire me.I’m just listening to the latest Laurie Anderson album and it’s great,i could listen to her stories and wisdom anytime.

FAULT: Will you be touring in support of your new album?

Barbara: Yes!

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Barbara: Daydreaming,but then again…

Barbara Panther Tracklist

01 Rise Up
02 Moonlight People
03 Unchained
04 Voodoo
05 Wizzard
06 Empire
07 A Last Dance
08 Oh Captain
09 Dizzy
10 Ride to the Source