The Soft Moon

Luis Vasquez
Justin Anastasi
Damon Way
Ron Robinson (Visuals)


The Soft Moon is the solo project of Luis Vasquez. Luis and his group are based in San Fransisco however he credits his unique sound was influenced by his multi-cultural Afro-Cuban upbringing, and attributes the openness of his music is due to his childhood in the vast Mojave Desert. Vasquez released his first single, Breathe of Fire, on Captured Tracks in March 2010, Parallels followed, and The Soft Moon’s self titled debut album was released  in November 2010. The group have been steadily touring since the release sharing stages with artists such as Blank Dogs, Tamaryn and The Black Ryder. The group also peformed at SWSX and will be at Psych Fest this week. The Soft Moon is kicking off a UK European tour starting in May. Their self-titled 11 track LP  is just amazing and definitely worth a listen!  FAULT caught up with Luis Vasquez this week to ask him about the making of his debut, inspirations and what fans can expect from his forthcoming tour.


FAULT: When did you start your project The Soft Moon?

It started as “The Soft Moon” in late 2009 but technically started in
1999 when I wrote a few untitled tracks that I had long forgotten
about. I had re-discovered the lost tracks and felt I was on to
something back then. One of the untitled tracks would later be
re-written as “When It’s Over”, the starting seed of The Soft Moon.

The SOFT MOON – When it’s over

FAULT: Where did you record your self-titled debut?

The entire album was written in my apartment. I was quite the recluse
for the span of a year.

FAULT: What were some of the influences behind the tracks found on the

Most of the influences came from memories of feelings I had during my
childhood. I grew up never expressing how I felt, mainly because I
didn’t know how too. Other tracks on the album were inspired by who I
am now and bands I admire. In a way, the debut LP was a mental
evolution of my life up until the moment it was completed.

FAULT: Since you’re a solo artist how do you find that affects your creative
process without really having any outside input/influences?

It affects me in a way where it forces me to put myself in a position
to face realities that are hard to face. I purposely wanted to do that
with this project. For me the creative process of writing a song as a
solo artist is grueling but necessary in the end, where as writing
music with a group is more about compromising what you really want to
say. I do enjoy both however.

FAULT: What’s the music scene like in San Francisco?


FAULT: What Artist/Musicians inspire you?

Can, Vladimir Malevich, Neu!, Shel Silverstein, Liquid Liquid, Patrick
Miller, Chrome, Suicide, A Certain Ratio.

FAULT: As an artist how important to you are the visuals that correspond
with your music?

I would say the visuals are vital. The Soft Moon is meant to be a full
sensory experience.

 The Soft Moon – Into the Depths directed by William Joines

FAULT: For live show’s you’ve assembled a band. How do find that impacts
your music?

I feel it heightens the music to a more cathartic and primal level of
expression. I couldn’t be happier with our live shows.

FAULT: Your starting your first UK/ European tour next month what can fan’s

Catharsis, energy, and hypnotism.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?




The Soft Moon – Tracklist:
01. Primal Eyes (02:41)
02. Tiny Spiders (03:50)
03. Breathe The Fire (03:14)
04. Circles (04:02)
05. Out of Time (03:52)
06. When It’s Over (04:26)
07. Dead Love (04:04)
08. Parallels (03:10)
09. We Are We (02:29)
10. Sewer Sickness (02:33)
11. Into The Depths (03:27

Soft Moon- UK/ European Tour Dates

?5/11 @ The Lexington, London
5/12 @ The Great Escape Festival, Brighton
5/13 @ Exit 07, Luxembourg
5/14 @ OCCII, Amsterdam
5/16 @ Comet Club, Berlin
5/17 @ MTC, Koln
5/18 @ Ampere, Munich
5/19 @ Rocking Chair, Vevey
5/20 @ Ligera Club, Milano
5/21 @ Traffic, Rome
5/22 @ Teatrino Clandestino, Bologna
5/23 @ Hinterhof Bar, Basel
5/25 @ International, Paris
5/26 @ Le Saint Ex, Bordeaux
5/28 @ Primavera Sound, Barcelona



* Special thanks to Stacey – The Art of Agency

by Leah Blewitt