FAULT Favourite: Argus

Argus are a band formed in Tasmania at the end of 2005. Lead singer / songwriter / guitarist Mat Bond, originaly from Papua New Guinea (a Tasmanian expatriate born in Lae-Morobe Province) was exposed to local Papua New Guinean cultural music from birth, made his first electric bass guitar at age 7 and was given a dulcimer at age 8, Mat was also lucky enough to receive classical guitar lessons before his family moved to Tasmania, when Mat was 15.
Current members of Argus are Mat Bond (vocals, guitar), Campbell Murphy (keyboards), Jani Ac (Drums) and Michael “Tex” McGuire (Bass). Argus was signed to Warrior Records (L.A) in October 2007, with a worldwide distribution deal through Universal.


FAULT: How has 2011 been for you so far?

It was a great start to the year, we were invited to perform in january at the opening of MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) in Tasmania, on the rooftop stage overlooking the Derwent river and Mt Wellington. http://mona.net.au/ We just finished recording our second album “Eyes of the sun”, including contributions from Pat Fear (White Flag) and Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes). The album will be produced by Jim Ervin and released later this year through Warrior records/UMGD. We have also just finished recording an unreleased song written by Sky Sunlight Saxon (Push the button, white or red) as a contribution to the official Sky Sunlight Saxon Tribute album, I was fairly nervous going into the studio knowing Ide be recording something previously unheard written by a psychedelic legend. The songs great so couldn’t help but play it as close to Sky’s demo as possible. http://skysaxon.com/SkyTributeAlbum.html



FAULT: What has been the source of inspiration for your latest  work?
The working title for the album Eyes of the sun was Mushrooms and jellyfish, I don’t really know why but mushrooms and jellyfish are fascinating, I thought about them a lot while writing the album though none of the songs are about either mushrooms or jellyfish. I was borne in Papua New Guinea and came to Tasmania aged 15, the influence and experience’s of the land of my birth are a constant influence in all my art.



FAULT: What was the creative process behind Dooray?

It was the only song written on the first album that came about as a result of a jam, Michael began a rhythm, Peter came up with the bass riff and I wrote the words and guitar parts over the top. It was written in a waterfront cottage where Peter was living at the time at Deep bay in southern Tasmania. The word Dooray sounds good and I believe Dooray Pokuka is a divine song, sung in the Malayalam language.


FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Recording new demo’s, writing new material, collaborating with L.A band White Flag, building a raft big enough for the band to launch Argus off the island and into the world.

FAULT: What does Psychedelic music mean to you?

Anything you hear after you eat certain mushrooms or jellyfish, sometimes you only have to touch them, I just have to think about them !


FAULT: What is it like to be a band in Australia?

Trying to raise funds to tour anywhere – check Tasmania on the map !

FAULT: What can fans expect from Argus in 2011?

Release of Argus’ second album “Eyes of the Sun”. Release of the song “Push the button, White or red” on the official Sky Sunlight Saxon tribute album. I became interested in film editing as a child watching my father edit his super 8 footage of a now lost time in Papua New Guinea, then took it up later in life as a hobby, so Ill be hoping to make more film art to synchronise with Argus’ music if I find the time to indulge.

FAULT: Who would you like to work with on future projects? Honest, hard working management and booking agents.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?


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Record label :  www.warriorrecords.com/argus
Reverbnation : www.reverbnation.com/argusband
Facebook band page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hobart-Town-Australia/Argus/156935944344668
Facebook : www.facebook.com/argus.bond
Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/ArgusTasmania
Myspace : www.myspace.com/weareargus