Artist Spotlight: Ëlodie

Postcard illustration created for La Marelle by Ëlodie (2011).

Ëlodie is a Paris-based fashion illustrator whose work is characterized by its playful mix of color and stippling. Ëlodie graduated from L’Ecole De Communication Visuelle (Bordeaux, France) in 2005, where she studied graphism, illustration, and animation. In the three years that followed, Ëlodie worked in the animation industry, but eventually decided to pursue a career in freelance illustration.

Along with being featured in a variety of fashion magazines, her work has been exhibited in France and overseas, including in Los Angeles and Montreal. Additionally, she has designed a range of stationary and other products for La Marelle, a burgeoning French publishing house.

Ëlodie’s work combines traditional hand-drawn techniques with both watercolor and digital post-processing. The images she creates are inspired by everything from fashion photography and children’s literature to interior decorating and music.

For more information about Ëlodie and her creative process, please visit her website.