PJ Harvey – Short-Films

PJ Harvey


PJ Harvey’s eighth studio album ‘Let England Shake’ was released last month. ‘Let England Shake’ was recorded in a 19th Century church in Dorset with Flood, who co-produced the album with John Parish, PJ Harvey and Mick Harvey. PJ has recently wrapped up a successful UK tour and has just released another video from the series of 12 short-films directed by photographer Seamus Murphy. Each track from Harvey’s latest studio effort will be accompanied by a short-film; the images throughout the series where captured by Murphy over his 5,000 mile trek around the UK.  The film releases thus far have been Let England Shake, The Last Living Rose, In the Woods Maketh Murder, The Glorious Land and this week The Colour of the Earth was unveiled. The videos as well as Pj’s new album definitely worth a watch and a listen!

Track-list from Let England Shake:

1. Let England Shake
2. The Last Living Rose
3. The Glorious Land
4. The Words That Maketh Murder
5. All And Everyone
6. On Battleship Hill
7. England
8. In The Dark Places
9. Bitter Branches
10. Hanging In The Wire
11. Written On The Forehead
12. The Colour of The Earth

PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose