The use of celebrities in fashion shows is nothing new, but when a brand picks a celebrity that perfectly fits their manifesto, their style and is typically the type of person the label designs for; its a match made in heaven. This can be said of the Lady Gaga and Mugler collaboration thats been happening recently. First, with the men’s show ( Gaga played musical director) and then most recently walking and directing the music for the Women’s A/W show.  The show, if you didn’t catch the live feed, was amazing. The mesh, the colours, the dramatic lines and shapes, were perfection. The atomsphere  was set not only with the lighting but  with the music that Gaga used to support the show. She continued with the “Schibe”  track that was heard in the first mugler but then it transformed over a house beat, paused and suddenly the track “Government Hooker” plays. Lyrics include ” I’m gonna drink my tears tonight, I’m gonna drink my tears and cry” and ” Put your hands on me John F. Kennedy”…..interestingly maybe its a Marilyn Monroe reference? Later the track mixes with her latest single “Born This Way”, a great finish to the show . Overall both Gaga and the Mugler compliment each other, and we can’t wait to see whats next.

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