Love Inks “E.S.P”

Love Inks

Love Inks are a three-piece band hailing from Austin, Texas. The trio’s 10 track debut called E.S.P is due out May 10th. They recorded the ep in their own homes and had the album remixed/produced by a friend. Recording sessions where a very deliberate DIY effort; concept being the less digital the better. They felt this bare bones production method was the only way to ensure they would capture the “purest signals from all instruments”. Sounds like their master plan worked, E.S.P’s first single Blackeye (which will be released March 28th in the UK) is a very addictive tune. The band is playing numerous gigs at SXSW including a showcase for their label Hell.Yes! (whose roster includes Dum Dum Girls,Crocodiles, Moon Duo). The group are also in the process of booking dates in the UK to promote their new release. Love Inks definitely worth a listen and are FAULTS ones to watch in 2011.

Love Inks – Blackeye