Lost State of Dance




FAULT: You describe you sound as Electro / Indie / Psychedelic. How do you keep your sound so unique?

steven: By playing music you believe in, its all too easy to play what YOU ‘think’ is cool or what you think will sell records and forget what you are really about.

Louise: well, we all have our own influences and our own styles and we bring this to the table when writing our songs. We don’t want to copy anyone else, we just do what sounds good to us.

daniel: With all four of us having different musical backgrounds and massively varied taste in music we have an ever full pot to dip into, were like some kind of four headed bug eyed monster ready to beat your head in with music…..i suppose!

FAULT: What’s the story behind Lost State of Dance ? How did you all meet?

Lou: I first met daniel about five years ago when we joined a band and we kinda stole steven from another band when we needed a new drummer , and this previous incarnation had a punk/rock/pop kind of sound and as a three piece we started to evolve into the electro synth pop rock feel we have today. We gigged, recorded but then i moved away which in hindsight was a big mistake but the silver lining is they brought in Sherilyn to replace me which brought a new dynamic and a raw untapped energy! A year later, here I am back with the boys and Sherylin to become four piece and the finished article you see today!

FAULT: What are your musical backgrounds?

Steven: Ive never been to a musical though im pretty sure ive seen oliver on tv before!

Daniel: Me and sherylin are both classically trained pianist, steven a grade 8 drum connoisseur  and louise studied bass and guitar but sherilyn plays most instruments including bass, guitar,drums,piano,viola harp the list goes on!!

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Sherilyn: capturing mood and emotion through the power of multiple synths lol

Louise: Gigs and new songs mainly, promoting and getting ourselves heard, we have had a lot of interest lately thanks to people behind the scenes working their butts off for us.

FAULT: What did you grow up listening to?

Daniel: Short answer pretty much anything slightly longer answer would be sabbath, led zeppelin, bob dylan, the cure, joy division, nirvana, rage against the machine suzi quattro anything, everything which will probably explain why steven grew up listening to toto and east 17

FAULT: What can we expect from Lost State of Dance in 2011?

Sherilyn: more gigs more recordings more videos a UK tour and a tour of Germany with plenty of love, sex and 3 minute wonders

FAULT: What is it like being a band based in the UK? Are you inspired by your surroundings?

Steven: Its pretty hard because everyone (promoters, A&R etc) seems to not want to take a chance on something that they struggle to pigeon hole!

Sherilyn: I live in beautiful balamory-like village and take much of my inspiration from the wonderfull smells floating in from the neighbouringl farms and nuclear powerplant

Daniel: Ive always went with the theory ‘its not where your from, its who your with’!!! so if you surround yourself with good people you will have a good life!!! its worked for me so far

FAULT: Do you have any live shows planned?

Thursday 17th March [7pm] – The Eagle – Blyth, Nothumberland
Saturday 19th March [8pm] – Uncle Alberts – Middlesbrough
Monday 21st March [8pm] – BBC Tees Introducing with Bob Fischer – Live Session
Friday 25th March [7pm] – SAWA (Room on Fire Indie club night) – Sheffield
Friday 1st April – The Red Shed – Wakefield
Saturday 9th April [1pm] – Cluny  – Newcastle
Thursday 14th April [7pm] – The Clarendon  – Hartlepool
Friday 15th April [7pm] – Amplified (Inside Out) – Darlington
Friday 22nd April [9pm] – The Crown – Middlesbrough
Sunday 29th May [7pm] – MOHO Camden – London


FAULT: What is the creative process when writing new material?

Louise: It depends really, sometimes daniel has the majority of the songs planned on the piano and then he brings them to us and steven tears it to shreds and says how much he hates it, sometimes things are changed around but sometimes certain songs just come to us quickly, sometimes they’ll be off the cuff aswell then we work as a team to thrash out different ideas till we’ve got something tasty

FAULT: Do you write from personal experiences?

Sherilyn: Of course, life is a journey and what better way to share that journey than music

Daniel: A lot of the songs are very personal to us, when there’s not much happening in my life though i like to create all sorts of fictional characters and make believable back stories and adventures! I guess ive never really grown up.

FAULT: What do you think of modern day Indie ?

Louise: the majority of modern day indie is generic and unoriginal, a lot of people try to copy the same sound because they know it will sell, some bands are more image than music aswell, so I personally don’t really take an interest in a lot of indie bands.

DanielWhat the whole skinny jeans tie and a cardigan look,  i tend to distance  myself from that crowd I’m  nowhere near cool enough to bee seen with the “scenesters” haha

FAULT: Who do you think is underrated?

Daniel: Lost State of Dance haha only joking we love what we are doing at the moment but there is a lot of up and coming bands at the moment that should be famous such as band of skulls or fernando’s our managers favourite Young rebel set

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Sherilyn: I make being slow look really hot x





Watch War Against out 21st March.