Leo D

He was born in Athens, on Saturday at dawn …

“Stormy Eyes” available to download from i-tunes.reverbnation.com

FAULT: You describe you sound as Pop and Rock. How do you keep your

sound so unique?

It always has been difficult for me to describe my music as a genre… Personally, I don’t believe in musical genres, musical style labels, e.t.c … It is all about inspiration… they should be no borders there…Music is like the air we breath… Internet has given artists, the opportunity to  “spread” their music all over the world through hundreds of social/music sites where they can make a profile and start promoting. In these sites you have to describe your music by a multiple choice box..I just can’t find my music in there…while the word “other” doesn’t describe my  music in detail…then,  I preferred to use Pop/Rock as these genres are so wide including millions of ways  for someone to express  his music…So, that’s how I describe my music as Pop/ Rock… Talking about genres, my music is a mix of different musical genres/styles from classic rock ,white soul, the blues, even Greek orientated music  given to people  by  an alternative  way which I call “ the Leo sound…” I’m so glad to know that you find my sound unique as nowadays, I believe that there’s no unique sound anymore…  but  just  unique musical atmospheres…This is how I call it anyway…

FAULT: What does the word Rock mean to you?

It means everything  that comes from the soul, being so real, touching the  child that lives inside us and will always be there, makin’ it stop the time running … for a while maybe… or for always…

FAULT: Who did you grow up listening to?

The first sound that came through my ears was the sound of Motown (oh yes!) After that I had  my first listening experience with the Blues  in the age of 9…while at the same time  I was discovering my roots music… As time was passing by, I’ve explored the  ”  musical map “ of this world and I had been stuck for years with  artists  like the Grand Funk, Blood Sweat & Tears, The Guess Who, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy… and later, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Dire Straits, Style Council, Billy Joel and so many others…I can tell that I grew up listening to LOTS of music from all over the world and from disparate musical genres… (yes…  right…  I don’t believe in musical genres… there’s ONLY music…)

FAULT: You are a Composer as well as a and Musician, would you ever

consider creating a film score?

This is a dream to come true…I’ve experimented writing  music  for a movie many years  ago, but nothing much happened then…I guess it was not the right time yet…instead of this  I wrote music  for the theater a couple of times and I’m so happy that I had this chance to express my music  by this way too… I would love to have a chance to create a film score in the future…

FAULT: What are you currently experimenting with?

These days I ‘m working writing the music for a theatrical representation and I’m very excited about it. It decodes the famous story of Pinocchio we all know and it brings this fairy tale to everyday’s  life reality… It is very,  very interesting! And very TRUE too…

FAULT: You are based in Athens, are you inspired by your surroundings?

What you see around you is very important…especially when you create… It gives that special tone in the color of your creation… As about me, I get inspired from what I learn everyday being a human trying to get better day  by day and  by this way, being able to  understand people around me  even better… It’s not what you see but how you feel  inside you about  it…For example…I can see the sun sinkin’ in the buildings so I get the inspiration to write a song… it’s not actually the picture I see in that moment, but it’s what I need to express…  so it waits  for the right time to get out and  transform in music and words… by this meaning… yes, I do get inspired  from my surroundings.

FAULT: What do you think of modern day Pop?

There’s everything in internet that someone might want to listen to… I guess that music is in front of a huge dilemma… which is the right direction to go? Go back? or go ahead and create something  fresh and new? …but what can really sound fresh and new nowadays? What’s that we never listened before? Almost everything has been tried… Almost every trick has been tested… So nothing seems to change for a long time… I think that we miss the most important “detail” in music , which is being honest to what we create or we listen to…even to ourselves… Modern day pop, just follows fashion while it had been right the opposite in the very past years… Fashion was following Music… Finally it led to be a “let’s save what’s left” selling game in a world that doesn’t seem to need or really care to buy or own music anymore… as it was before internet take control over things…A confusing and nefarious circle… There are lots and lots of artists who make really GREAT and UNIQUE music in our days… It’s the show –biz target that’s not set on music only… anymore… Anyway there’s still awesome music out there for anyone who wants/needs to find out and discover…

FAULT: What can we expect from Leo in 2011

This last year I was working in the studio most hours of the day for my new cd/album which is going to be out before this summer. Also, I’m working on a couple of new tracks which are going to be included in this album as an international release. I want to mention a great lyricist, Jan Carroll from Tennessee U.S. that we co – wrote the lyrics in four songs of this project. Plans say, that I will tour throughout Greece ( and  Europe little later) starting in the middle of May Hope everything will work out fine…

FAULT: Who is underrated?

The one who underestimates himself…This world is a mirror of our inner convictions…

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Every single time that I denied to hear this voice from deep of my soul, trying to tell me or ”message me” things…


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