FAULT: How did you all meet and start Jeaga?

We formed back in January 2010 following a number of failed line ups. Having played together within previous bands we decided to go back to basics and start a fresh with a new name and fresh outlook. The original three of us had always been at the core of past projects and it was an easy transition for us to make. We all have the same level of drive, ambition and commitment and it was with that like-minded approach we were able to make the music that came instinctively and natural to us. Having performed as a 3 piece with Chris on lead vocals and drums for the past year it has only been in the last month we have introduced drummer Ryan Newberry to the band. Bringing Chris off the drums and to the front has brought a whole new dimension and impact to our performances. We are looking forward to what we can achieve as 4 piece.

FAULT: Can you describe your sound in 3 words?

Powerful, Melodic and Emotive

FAULT: What is the best thing about playing live?

No matter how good the rehearsals are or how well you perform in the practice room…any band or musician knows you cannot replicate that feeling of playing live. It’s the adrenalin, the anticipation…nothing compares. When you get a crowd that is receptive to the songs we play and everyone is on the same wave length and in the groove it’s great.

FAULT: Is there anyone you would like to work with?

We all have our individual influences which are quite different so to choose one person or band would be hard. However we collectively are all about the quality of songs. A guy who has been influential on a number of tracks by bands we follow is Mixing Engineer Chris Lord-Alge. He has worked with Creed, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Daughtry, Foo Fighters and Paramore to name a few. Having self recorded all our own material to work with someone like Chris and for him to have an input would be great.

FAULT: What are you currently working on?

Having recently added Ryan to the band we are spending our days hard at work rehearsing the tracks. Like anything when you add a new blend to the mix it generates and evolves into something different. We have a new edge to our sound and are keen to get out there playing!

FAULT: What is the story behind Money and Run?

We wanted to do a song with a big intro…that told some sort of story. When we are writing material the melody and lyrics are very instinctive and only once a song is complete do we actually sit back and say wow that song is about this or that. Money and Run is about taking risks, weighing up the consequences and sometimes doing what you have to do to get by. The theme portrays a life that you love, but also hate at the same time.

FAULT: Are you inspired by your surroundings?

Rather than our surroundings we are probably more inspired by our own life experiences and influences. We are driven to make music that we are proud of. The great thing about music is that it is completely subjective and if people like it then fantastic. When you look back through the music history books at what great songs have been written, they make a connection in some way, they are memorable, catchy and survive throughout the generations. It is from that ‘pallet’ of criteria that as a band we are inspired to try and ‘paint’ the best picture we can. We don’t try to conform or follow a trend…we are who we are.

FAULT: What is it like to be a band in the UK?

All we can do is give ourselves the best oppertunities possible to get our music heard and our name out there. We are a band that is very realistic and let’s face it we are a small fish in a very big pond. No matter whether it be the UK, Europe, the USA…if the music is good enough then that should be the only thing that matters. Competition is tough, gigs are hard to get, but we remain confident in ourselves that the hard work will eventually pay off. We love what we do and if our time comes then we will grab it with both hands…if not we will see you in the local pubs and clubs around the country when are hair is grey and our balls are wrinkled!


FAULT: Do you have any live shows planned?

Our next gig is on the Saturday 2nd April at Scruffy Murphys in Birmingham. It is our first headline slot in the city and cannot wait.

FAULT: What is the creative process when writing new material?

Once the basics are there eg, Chord line, riff or melody, the songs quickly evolve. The outline for a track can be as simple as do we want to write a fast song or a slow song. Another good thing that helps put a new take on material is that we tend to swap instruments as someone may come up with a change or fill that the other person may not have thought of. We tend to separate out the tracks into intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro etc…and keep repeating that section to generate something we are happy with. Everyone has a say in the writing process and we explore each persons input to ensure we come out of a session with something we are collectively pleased with. We all work on the same wave length and we know when we are on to a good thing and everything clicks.

FAULT: What do you think of the music industry?

The music industry has developed a huge amount in a quick period of time. To be honest you never know where the next number one could come from. It could be a youtube phenomenon or a remix of an old classic. The true test of an artist is the ability to consistently produce good songs, pack out their shows, sell records and be here this time next year. Too often do we see acts come and go. The recipe to be successful is constantly changing and as a band all we can do is be who we are and do what we do. At the end of the day the music business is exactly that…a business. As both musicians and consumers within the whirlwind that is the music industry who knows what will happen next? As a business model it is probably the most diverse there will ever be…but that is what keeps it exciting for us as a band and everyone else as a consumer.

FAULT: What do you think of new music? What are you currently listening to?

For us music is music…with the development of new instruments, software enhancements, whether it be Rock, Pop, Metal or RnB…at the heart of anything successful is that catchy hook, memorable lyric or flowing guitar solo. If a song is good then it doesn’t matter whether it is old or new. You could deem new music as being something that has been around for decades that you have never heard before. In terms of what we are listening to…the new Alterbridge album is out which is good, and Black Stone Cherry have just released a new track a band we are big fans of.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

We have yet to purchase a copy of the amazing FAULT Magazine!!!

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