Honey Tower

Narrow is the path

FAULT: You describe your sound as Club / Electro / Thrash. How do you keep your
sound so unique?

It’s always hard to describe one’s own sound, but I think it’s the result of many different
genres and art forms that inspire me. I guess that’s what I had in mind when I chose the term
“Thrash” beside “Club” and “Electro”. “Thrash” alludes to my preference for elements you don’t
necessarily expect in Electro, for example heavy guitars. So it stands for everthing that is
not genre typical. I love Club music and danceable beats, but I’m also much inspired by
literature and art, a combination that might appear contradictory for some, but from my
viewpoint it just seems natural, as it reflects my personal interests and background.
So a track is not just a sound sequence, but there’s always some kind of story or theoretical
base behind it. Musically, I try to work as intuitively as possible when it comes to recording
ideas and finally producing my tracks. Focusing too much on the technical side doesn’t work
for me; I need to get into some sort of creative flow, a state of mind I also experience when
writing. I believe in what André Breton calls “écriture automatique,” a process that is unique
itself and in turn creates uniqueness.

FAULT: What does the word Electro mean to you?

To me, Electro is a pretty broadly-defined term which doesn’t describe one specific sound,
but rather the fact that sound is generated electronically in contrast to analogue sound.
I think the legendary Kraftwerk embody best what I would call “Classsic Electro”, which
is quite different from current Electro sounds. I, personally, would associate
contemporary Electro with Justice and the whole Ed Banger label, Erol Alkan, Brodinski,
the labels Kitsuné, DIM MAK and Boysnoize Records to name just a few. And of course with
Daft Punk, who were definitely ahead of their times and are still unique.

FAULT: Who did you grow up listening to?

I mainly grew up with alternative 90s bands like The Smashing Pumkins, Nirvana and Sonic Youth,
who were very influential to me and are still among my all-time favourites.
Although I was mostly interested in guitar music at that time, I came to discover the early Daft Punk,
my very first electronic epiphany.

FAULT: You are a Composer as well as a Musician, would you ever
consider creating a film score?

I have never thought about that before, but I could definitely imagine that. Creating
music to images sounds pretty challenging but also exciting. I like the idea of total
artworks incorporating sounds, images, words and content. So film is definitely a genre
I am passionate about.

FAULT: What are you currently experimenting with?

At the moment I’m experimenting with text-to-speech engines, trying to find a cool way
of incorporating parts of my lyrics into my music.

FAULT: Are you inspired by your surroundings?

Well, everyday life is not always inspiring, but I’m trying to create my own mental Honey Tower
and absorb everything that inspires or surprises me or is just beautiful, be it art, music, literature, design,
photography, fashion, landscapes, cities or amazing people. It’s also extremely important to me to
have inspiring private surroundings, a physical manifestation of  Honey Tower, my personal
realm of aestheticism. Apart from that, my creative energy is very much influenced by the darker sides
of life – all the negative and painful things that also surround us and urge me to express myself.

FAULT: What do you think of modern day Club music?

Modern day Club music is much more varied, musically open-minded
and genre-crossing than it used to be. I love the fact that Electro producers successfully
experiment with different musical styles and collaborate with Indie rock bands and vice versa.
Many club people today love both guitar and electronic music and understand that Electro
can be like Badass Rock ‘n’ Roll. Modern Club music brings different musical scenes together,
which I think is great.

FAULT: What can we expect from Honey Tower in 2011?

Hopefully I’ll be able to create some new and fresh tracks and work on an EP.

FAULT: Who is underrated?

3ème sexe from Denmark with their cool 60s French Beat Electro Pop.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?