FLIGHT “Lead Riders Ep”


The Lead Riders” album was released fall 2010 by Mississippi’s psych-noise group FLIGHT. The Ep has six wickedly distorted tracks. The band has received critical acclaim for their latest material and previous efforts including releases from; Sweet Rot, Kill Shaman, Plastic Spoons and Hozac. The group have revealed very little about themselves so depending on who you ask, FLIGHT is either a solo project or a quartet. Whatever the case The Lead Riders (which includes a Q Lazzarus cover Goodbye Horses) is definitely worth a listen. FLIGHT are FAULTS ones to watch in 2011.

FLIGHT – The Lead Riders EP

  1. Turns To Blood
  2. Straight Line
  3. Witch Hunt Town
  4. Real Estate
  5. The Lead Riders
  6. Goodbye Horses