Darshana Congreve


FAULT: You describe you sound as Folk Rock / Rock. How do you keep your

sound so unique? Like sex, I’m making instinctive music. I don’t have any ideas of what a musical style is. I think sounds are universes you can call “Classic” “Rock” or even “Folk” but all this is only the genius brother of noise.  Music has success to transform noise into beauty and this is the only thing I know, so I’m not trying to copy no one else than me. It is unique because I just take my guitar, a paper to write lyrics and I start to sing something then the inspiration translates into music hazardously. Naturally, I play Rock music and I play it with a Folk guitar. That’s all. Basically my sound is closed to the nineties.

FAULT: What does the word Rock mean to you?

To me, ‘Rock’ means solution. We are currently going through an economic crisis and while we are sinking you can see a contextual reaction. Rock music is going through a deep evolution. Very new musical shapes are appearing to us. We think more than we follow instincts because the world tries to find a solution against a sad future and music is the reflection of this complex fight. But passion doesn’t think at all. With the time we will get back to more instinct music but with the evolution, it will be “modern instincts”.

FAULT: Who did you grow up listening to?

Nirvana, Beatles, Michael Jackson, ABBA, Elton John, Serge Gainsbourg. If you are a sensitive child, these artists can change everything! Music always had a big place in my life but at the time I was just drawing. I think I was trying to seduce my beautiful mom with my drawings. She’s divine! You know nothing really changed; my music has the same mission. But anyway it is only my music. James bond is better.

Photograph Marc Czerwiec

FAULT: How was 2010 for you?

Fantastic! It was a good year. I had a professional experience in an independent production where I recorded a four songs demo with big musicians. I’m very proud of it! Until that day, I could only imagine my music. They just gave me a big help because they learnt me so much that I couldn’t ask for more from them. The drummer was from Polydor, the bass player and the guitarist did a tribute to Led Zeppelin. We are still friends’. Maybe we’ll work again together, who knows?

FAULT: You are a Composer as well as a Musician, would you ever

consider creating a film score? I’m a visual musician. Light me a smoke, I’ll tell you a story. One day a guy looked like a twisted business man came to me and told me:

– Hello, I’m Mister X and I want your music in my movie.

– Cool.

A big movie of two millions euros of budget but 5% of his budget was missing. So at the time he was seeking sponsors and one of them were almost ready to give him this damn 5%.
But it never happened.

“C’est la vie”.

Everything I do in music turn into images. I was drawing before playing music and to write a film score is so marginal! I’d like to do this again.

FAULT: What are you currently experimenting with?

My music is too pure because I always wrote songs at guitar and voice and now, I’d like to experiment electro music because it’s very free style. I’m trying hard to open every parts of my universe to people eyes and ears. I’m a fan of Radiohead and Jimi Hendrix and their told us to be open minded. Like everyone, I’m searching to myself and I feel that I need to open my sound to all possibilities.  You know, we have Oceans Souls, deep, rich and beautiful and our duty is to come up to the world. We have so much to learn and to prove.  I’m very excited to do this experimentation. It is my future.

FAULT: You are based in France, are you inspired by your surroundings?

I’m so in love with my people that most of my music is for them; and I appreciate them so much that I see them like Heroes.  My mom is the “Revolver Angel”. One of my ex-girlfriend is the “Energy Girl”. She has crazy energy. Otherwise, one of my first girlfriends was Arabian, an international level piano performer named Zahra and she is the “Arabian Princess”. You can listen to these songs on my demo. “It’s true…” love you, James Blunt. Well I see my people like Heroes.


FAULT: What do you think of modern day Folk music?

Folk has no rules. It is a style with no specific foundation which is very influenced by every modern movement and by the roots of the Folk Artist, especially today.

You can find a good illustration in Asa. She’s Nigerian and her Folk take roots into African music and in modern influences. To make it short, actually any artist having a link with Woody Guthrie or Bob Dylan can be considered as a Folk Artist and sometimes it is wrong because one important thing in Folk Music is to offer a great message. You can even consider that one artist is Folk because is making acoustic music.

Otherwise, we are into collective music now. In general, people are waiting for bands with harmonics constructions; so the solo guy with his guitar has to be very strong. Voice and lyrics are his two only weapons; he must make effective melodies and deep lyrics. Definitely, modern day Folk artists are there to impress you more than anyone.
When we are solo, we have to do it better.

FAULT: What can we expect from Darshana in 2011?

My dream is to give you a professional album in 2011 and I’m sure it will be the fact soon; I’m looking for a new production and I already start gigs again. I play in solo for the moment and I meet new people. It is the beginning of a new chapter.

FAULT: What are you currently listening to?

I’m currently listening to Asa and Tom McRae. I’m an old fan of Tom. I trained my voice singing his songs and our voices became similar. His music appease me a lot, he is cooling down my universe.  And I’m listening to the last album of Radiohead, “King of Limbs”.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

I wrote one song about ‘Hate’ and I wrote it to my Dad. The song’s named “Fucking People”.

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