Assad Mounser S/S 2011

A piece from Assad Mounser's Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

What do you get when you combine glam rock à la David Bowie with ornate bronze crucifixes reminiscent of the Middle Ages? The Spring/Summer 2011 collection from acclaimed jewelry designer Assad Mounser, of course. Titled Neo Conquistador, Mounser’s latest collection follows what she describes as a “future-bound phoenix rising from the ashes of a catastrophic wave of destruction to a path of redemption and rebirth, creating a new world from the rubble” in the process. Each piece is designed to represent a part of the phoenix’s journey.

The tension between archaic symbolism and sleek modernism results in a collection of iconic pieces that pay homage to Mounser’s many influences: the artwork of Yago Hortal, Guy Sargent, and Carly Waito, as well as the rich textures and hues of traditional Haitian ritual costumes, to name a few.

Prior to launching her eponymous line in 2009, Mounser—full name Amanda Assad Mounser—worked for Moschino and Alejandro Ingelmo in New York City. Mounser’s interest in jewelry design grew from what she calls a “stylistic need” in her own wardrobe. After she began receiving comments from editors praising her homemade creations, Mounser decided to launch her own line. Four seasons later, Mounser’s creations have been featured in all the major fashion magazines across the globe and are available for purchase in twelve countries.

For more information on where to purchase pieces from Assad Mounser’s S/S 2011 collection, please visit her website.