Alex Turner “Submarine”

Alex Turner Submarine Soundtrack

Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner released a new six-track EP of original material recorded for Richard Ayoade‘s forthcoming film Submarine. The EP released via Domino on March 14th, is available in CD, 10″ vinyl and digital formats. The Soundtrack is 6 songs including Piledriver Waltz which will also be on Arctic Monkeys’ new album Suck it and See it (release date June 9th). Submarine is a comedy/drama starring Craig Roberts, Yasmin Paige and Sally Hawkins. The film will be out on March 18th in the UK. The Ep definitely worth a listen.

Submarine Tracks:

‘Stuck On The Puzzle (Intro)’
‘Hiding Tonight’
‘Glass In The Park’
‘It’s Hard To Get Around The Wind’
‘Stuck On The Puzzle’
‘Piledriver Waltz’

Alex Turner – It\’s Hard To Get Around The Wind – Submarine Soundtrack

Submarine – Preview