Strange Boys

FAULT: What did you do last night?

Ryan: Slept.

FAULT: What did you do the night before that?

Ryan: The same thing in a different town.

FAULT: Aviators or Wayfarers?

Ryan: Wayfarers I guess.

FAULT: What’s your favourite country?

Ryan: I really like Holland.

FAULT: Most memorable night?

Ryan: I can’t remember…

FAULT: Drugs or Alcohol?

Ryan: Drugs.

FAULT: Cigarettes or beer?

Ryan: Cigarettes.

FAULT: Hot dogs or burgers?

Ryan: Burgers.

FAULT: Sex or love?

Ryan: Both.

FAULT: Tom or Jerry?

Ryan: That’s really funny that you said that because we were playing in Rochester New York and this kid was coming up to each of us individually and asking us and everyone in the bar who there favourite cartoon character was and he asked Greg and he said Tom and then asked me without hearing his answer said Jerry, we don’t watch Tom & Jerry that much and I thought that was weird.

FAULT: Scorsese or Tarantino?

Ryan: Oh Scorsese.

FAULT: What’s your favourite Scorsese movie?

Ryan: Probably Mean Streets.

FAULT: What’s your favourite Tarantino movie?

Ryan: Reservoir Dogs.

FAULT: Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Ryan: This is tough… I can’t pick.

FAULT: Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot?

Ryan: Brigitte Bardot.

FAULT: Cats or dogs?

Ryan: Dogs.

FAULT: Tea or coffee?

Ryan: Coffee.

FAULT: Older or younger?

Ryan: Older.