Unique Tips To Have Better Sex

A lot of people struggle to find their “type.” It can be difficult to know what it is that you are looking for in a partner.

There’s the chemistry, there’s the physical attraction, and there’s also personality. However, it’s not easy to know if these are compatible just by looking at them, and sometimes mutual friends can’t help you out!

Building on Intimacy

Now, “building on intimacy” is something that you need to be especially aware of. This can be a very important aspect to look out for as you get to know someone better. It may be that you really like this person, and there is mutual attraction, but are they trustworthy? What if they have your best interests at heart?

This could be the driving force that helps bring you closer together over time.

How To Improve The Chemistry Between You

Here are some great tips to really improve the sex you’re having together.

Think About What YOU Want From A Relationship

Think about what makes a great relationship.

This can sometimes be very tricky. However, it’s something that you need to consider when in the early stages of getting to know someone.

What is it that you want from a partner? What do you expect from them? These sorts of questions may help you to decide what exactly it is that will help you have better sex with your partner.

Have An Open Conversation

What are your likes and dislikes, what are their likes and dislikes? How do you both feel about consent? What is on the table and off the table as far as sex goes?

This will help you build a better relationship with the other person. It will lead to more trust and understanding between the people involved.

Explore The Use Of Toys

There’s a booming market for sex toys these days, and for a good reason! Some people especially can find it hard to climax through penetration (from a man or a toy) alone. If you’re in a relationship, this can prove tricky.

Using toys designed specifically for your body can help to improve the see between you both. Check out Wetforher.com for some amazing queer and lesbian sex toys perfect for the person in your life.

Make Sure That You Know The Person

It can be very easy for people to get carried away with chemistry or physical attraction alone.

You should remember that great sex does not always dictate compatibility. Compatibility is what will help you to form a genuine relationship with someone that works for both of you.

There’s more to compatibility than just sex alone.

It can be tempting just to jump in headfirst and get lost in the chemistry between you.

However, if you really want better sex with your partner, then a little digging into their past and their personality can be extremely beneficial.

This is because we all have things that shape us and make us who we are today, and these past experiences have shaped our personality in some way or another.