Styled by Brett Bailey

Editorial direction by Alex Kazemi

“Create anything and everything” Is the motto stylist, Brett Bailey works and lives by. He has worked for magazines such as Super Super, Dazed and Confused and Flaunt.Recently Brett teamed up with Music blogger Alex Kazemi to create a amazing 90s inspired shoot, Tomorrow’s 2000 for Super Super magazine. We caught up with Brett  and found out some of his most recent inspiration and much more.

What got you into styling?

Being raised by my stylish grandmother and growing up as a dancer surrounded by costumes sparked my interest in fashion.

How long have you been a stylist?

I’ve been styling for four years.

One of your most recent shoots was inspired by early 2000s late 90s spice girls era, how did you go about styling it? Did you have any initial designers you knew you wanted to use?

I was inspired by Moments from my childhood such as oversized blow up furniture, 90s junk food, Nintendo, crop tops, Chunky shoes etc. Pop music of this time played such a big influence on culture and style. Bands such as Aqua, Spice Girls, N*SYNC, Britney Spears, and No Doubt helped define the style of this era. I wanted to find modern designers that parallel this moment in time and celebrate such unique and overlooked decade.

What is your process for coming up with stylistic direction for shoots?

I usually get a sense or a feel for the character that i am trying to create. Then i usually research from the internet to books on how i should define that style and what specific silhouettes, accessories, fabrics and colors are appropriate.

Who are some of your favourite designers to wear?

For myself i stick to basic items such as a white calvin shirt, black studded Balenciaga belt, Comme De Garcons trousers, white socks, an old vintage leather jacket and black pointed shoes. Its hard to focus on your own wardrobe as a stylist when your working often so I like to come up with a uniform that becomes like a second skin to me.

Whats playing on your ipod/mp3 device?

Pandora playlist-fleetwood mac

What has been your favourite shoot to style so far?

The asian american 60’s shoot i styled for Hilary Walsh. Growing up with a grandfather that had fought in Vietnam i really got a sense for how the asian culture was integrated in america after the Vietnam war. Men overseas married asian women and the wives that were stationed overseas adopted asian culture with fashion and style and brought it back to the states. It was really inspiring to create a visual narrative using clothing as the focus of the storyline.

Whats your “fault”?

stimulating indulgences.