FAULT: What is the story behind D O T

Basically, it started with many mathcore / progressive rock projects that we developed in various environments going from caves to studios. Some of them were lost in time but the rest allowed us to experiment live / auto-prod recordings and also shitty competition. We pushed things further thanks to the relation ship I entertain with J.J.The idea was ( and still is ) to mix a lot of our common memories and decayed imaginary when we were something like 5-7 years old, with our recent loved one : electronic music. DOT’s tracks and inspiration came instinctively thanks to that concept.

FAULT: What is your musical background?

Very various, going from trip-hop to post-rock passed by soundtracks, going again on hardcore turning to video game music, I think some artist will complete the word : the dillinger escape plan , junius , sikth , koji kondo , hudson mohawke , dowliners sekt, john Williams and we’ll stop here… the list is too long.

FAULT: What is the story behind “Blade Runner Blues”?

Cult film.. For both of us. Sublime ost by Vangelis. We just felt obliged to give a tribute to such a piece of art. Watched it a hundred times and If we could, we would remake the complete ost.

FAULT: Can you define your sound in 3 words?

slash slash slash

FAULT: What are you hoping to achieve in 2011?

A lot of works! A videoclip for C&C (using all elements of our artworks and much more) / keep our next releases and featurings on the good line because we’re really happy to work with such talented people.Building our own interactve site to dig our world and colors at maximum and finally, If the occasion comes later, re-think about how we could mix everything live.But must of all, create and create… freely.

FAULT: What sets you apart from other artists?

We know what they say in space…

FAULT: Do you look up to any modern day artist?

Plenty of it, and we HAVE TO. Nowadays the incredible internet sphere brings access to a heavy cultural library by a very very easy way.It’s a real treasure everyday! Mentalities are changing, and peple are slowly taking the best of it even if there’s a lot of crappy things still running on.The last “actual” great artists we discovered were for instance: robotaki, bot’ox, extralife, out there, phonat… but also movies and video clips: dan deacon, jérémie périn (Truckers Delight video), hiroyuki okiura (Jin Roh), romain gavras (Notre jour viendra)…and many graphists, painters, illustrators…We’re always looking for original animated websites too. For example, jim carrey’s one. If you didn’t watched it already… well do it!

FAULT: What is the creative process of your music?

The unanswerable question .. It’s all about power, feelings and colours. for the rest .. I mean the technique , it’s just geeking stuff.

FAULT: Are you planning any live shows?

Yes, However we need to finish a mountain of work, still have a lot to learn, and got so much to say.

FAULT: Where can people hear more of D O T

The best thing is to write “dotcomrobots” on google. From there, people should be able to access to most of our contains also a lot of links too. “dotcomrobots” is an old nick we used before we realised that we could do a better music and having a shorter name…

FAULT: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with?

We’re searching for any painters, handymen, geeks, lego-builders, whatever… anything that could fit with our work.So basiclly we don’t really search figures. Any artist, as far as we all feel good with the work! If we had to choose a bigger environement, we would certainly choose the fabulous Lucky Me Collectiv or the new label founded by Ankama, “Bishi Bishi”. There are many others interesting collectiv/labels.. but working with crazy unknown artists can also reveal a lot of good surprises…

FAULT: Who is underrated?

Jack Bauer.

FAULT: Who is overrated?


FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Do you remember when you firstly saw these ugly kids wearing light-up shoes, and said to yourself “What the fuck is this!”? These kids were us. Unfortunately we still wear it.

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