Designer for Tomorrow

Dawid Tomaszewski

It could almost be unbelievable that Dawid Tomaszewski, a 31 year-old polish-born designer who currently lives in Berlin and was once again proving an incredible and absolutely amazing talent with his new FW11 collection ‘Kaleidoscope’, which is his third collection he created for his own label so far, already now got the status as one of the highlights of the last Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin where he presented only his second own fashion show. A surprise? Actually, not really.

The experiences of Dawid go back much further than his label that he founded a few years ago. Beside a tv show, called ‘The Next Fashion Talent’ where he participated in 2008, Dawid already worked as the assistant designer for Rei Kawakubo, the creative director of Comme des Garçons and won the competition ‘Designer for Tomorrow’. Well, of course all this isn’t a guaranty for success or even for getting the chance to show your skills afterwards, for instance with an own label. But through his great qualities, Dawid is moving more and more on an international level and is gradually going to become a hopeful upcoming designer now. The collection ‘Kaleidoscope’ was only another – a good – step in this way, so the positive resonance of Dawid’s show in Berlin was definitely not surprisingly. Also the fact that art as well as architecture plays a big influence on his work, makes it also always interesting to take a look a the stories behind the collections, what they should tell and what he want to express. His adoration for the female body’s poetry and the love for what he is doing, this and much more stands for the label ‘Dawid Tomaszewski’. “I wanted to make my own vision come true. You have to work hard on yourself and your collections to reach your goals. And I think, I’m close to that.”

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